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Refreshing, Natural and Organic Body Care Products

Knowing our skin absorbs everything we place on it gives us good reason to be obsessed with clean body care. Here at Love Your Health we have put together a huge range of Natural and Organic plus eco-friendly body care products including the likes of oils, deodorants, natural sunscreens and even items for your baby. Being selective is relatively straightforward, we only deal with the best suppliers meaning you get to do all your natural shopping in one place, saving you time and leaving you confident in your healthy choices.

Worried about what goes on your Hair?

You can achieve healthy shiny hair naturally. At Love Your Health we offer a wide range of natural hair solutions including the extremely popular low waste option from Ethique. Ethique have created fabulous Solid Shampoo Bars suitable for all hair types, children and also for your pets! 

Whether you are new to natural products or have been using them for years, shop online with us for fast shipping and free postage once your basket reaches $99 or over!

Body care products are no laughing matter. At Love Your Health, we understand that. We make a concerted effort to provide healthy alternatives to mainstream body care items that you find online and in stores. No one should be cleaning or taking care of themselves with less than optimal ingredients, which is why we are committed to providing the best options available.

As you take a look around our site to explore our natural organic body care products, we want to emphasise that each one was made with genuine care. We source only natural ingredients and employ well-compensated workers. With our commitment to attaining a more sustainable way of manufacturing health and household products, we must do whatever we can. 

Products for all ages

You love your kids, and they deserve the best. We think so too, which is why we've dedicated ourselves to providing ethically made organic body care products for everyone in your family. Sometimes, kids' body care products can be powerful and irritate their skin, and the chemicals used can be too harsh. Our products are produced with people's individual needs in mind — so, if you have specific allergies or skin irritants, we have the products you need.

Natural skin and body care products

While technology has given us access to new and improved ingredients and products, sometimes products are too complicated. This is especially true for body care and skin care products with ingredient lists that can read a mile long. This just increases the possibility of adverse effects appearing in people with sensitive skin. With our simply-made, natural products, it's easy to tell what we put into them.


What kind of body and skincare products do you offer?

At Love Your Health, we offer a comprehensive range of products to suit a wide variety of individual needs. These include feminine hygiene products, exfoliating scrubs, soaps and shampoos, insect repellants and dental products. If it's a topical substance that you apply to your body, chances are we have it — and a natural version of it that's usually vegan-friendly!

Why should you use natural ingredients? 

We believe in sustainability, and it's our goal to produce products in a way that doesn't negatively affect us and the members of our community. That's why we only use ingredients that can be sourced without taking advantage of marginalised communities. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

Do you sell other types of products?

Yes! Love Your Health commits to providing ethically sourced and manufactured products for anyone looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle. We offer health and fitness products like protein supplements, household cleaners, and a range of skincare products for people looking to expand their routines.

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