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Here at Love Your Health we firmly believe in the practice of self care and creating daily rituals that maximise your wellbeing. That is why we have curated a range of tools to help you achieve total wellness.

Far-Infrared saunas are perfect if you are looking for ways to reduce stress levels, detoxify your body, refresh tired muscles or promote skin regeneration all whilst stimulating your body's metabolism.

Wanting to invest in your health, increase your daily fruit and veggie intake and make more raw food options? Our range of Cold Press Juicers are here to help.

If prioritising your physical fitness is your thing, then don’t forget about our Reformer Pilates Machines. Our reformer machines are a great way to improve your flexibility, strength and balance from the comfort of your own home.

Finally, if you are into the health benefits of dehydrating excess fruit, veggies & meat, you can't go past our Dehydrators. They are an excellent machine to help you reduce waste and make nutritious food for the entire family.

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