Kiva Wellness Revolve Reformer

  • Includes padded jump board, foot bar and long sitting box
  • Studio quality pilates reformer perfect for your home
  • Easy to assemble, ready to go within 25 minutes
  • 5 adjustment music springs with varied resistance 
  • High quality wheels / rollers for a smooth motion
  • Stable & responsive one-piece rail carriage
  • 3 year warranty on parts for home use 2 year for commercial
  • Made from maple wood
  • Free Shipping Australia wide
  • Call our sales team directly on 0280741791 if you have more questions
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Kiva Wellness Revolve Reformer

If you’re ready to take your reformer practice out of the studio and into the home, then look no further. The Revolve Reformer is the perfect entry level model designed for serious users starting out, thanks to its commercial quality and modest price. Included in this sleek design is a padded jump board, foot bar and box to maximise your performance. Enjoy a smooth but strong workout with this durable machine. 


Here to help you turn up the heat, this sturdy reformer can withstand the most intense practice. Ready to put it to the test? 

The reformer moves along the carriageway in a silent action, allowing you to focus on the performance of your routine.


This reformer has the added bonus of having 3 levels of resistance with the springs attached to hooks with three different options for distance from the reformer bed - easy, moderate and difficult.



Adjusting The Unit

The machine comes with a comfortable commercial grade padded headrest for ample support -regardless of user. There are five springs, with different tensions for differing degrees of strength: 2x light and 2x medium plus 1x strong. The rope cords are completely adjustable and attach to a multi-use hand and foot strap that tightens to a fixed position through a fastener. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust your rope length for different exercises.


Quality & Warranty

 This reformer is made using high quality maple wood offering a polished finish. Its springs are made using nickle-plated carbon steel, this means that they are rust proof and extremely tough for when you are doing an intense workout. 


We offer a 3 year limited warranty on parts for home use and 2 years for commercial use.





Included is a jump board which can be used as a cardio rebounder. It also has a long sitting box along with an adjustable foot strap.


Also included is an adjustable footbar with seven fixed adjustment positions for people of various heights, and a padded standing platform giving you many more standing, kneeling and supine exercises.




Delivery, Assembly and After Sales Service


We pay for a specialist heavy goods company to safely deliver your Reformer. Careful attention is carried out along the way and we do not charge you for this. Shipping is totally free to your front door. 


The delivery company will ensure your Reformer which comes in 1 large box will be carefully handed over to you ready for you to set up.  Please have at least 2 people available to help you move the unit even once the box is opened and the Reformer is removed. 


This Reformer's assembly can be achieved within 30 minutes, all parts come inside one large box. The frame is already together. 


There is a Lifetime Warranty on your Reformer's structure and a 3 Year Warranty on other parts.


As a Love Your Health preferred brand should you have any issues with your Kiva Wellness Reformer and general questions simply contact us directly via Phone number below, Live chat or email and our trained team will support you.


Please note that due to the size and weight of your Reformer we cannot use our usual couriers to deliver. This item is bulky so therefore will be shipped using a specialised delivery company.


Please allow a few days for the local Aussie truck drivers to get your Reformer to your front door.


Kiva Wellness
Free Shipping Details
Free shipping for NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT, WA
Included Accessories
Padded Jump Board, Long Sitting Box, Adjustable Footbar, Hand & Foot Straps, Non-Slip Standing Platform.
Shipping Weight
Product Weight
Carriage Wheels
8 Wheels (For Ultra Smooth Glide)
Total Product Dimensions
L 240cm x W 68cm x H 29cm
Jump Board Dimensions
L 73cm W 60cm
Carriage Length
Jump Board Travel Length 
Shipping Dimensions
L 242cm x W 77cm x H 37cm
Materials include
Maple Wood, 5 Nickel-Plated Commercial Steel Springs (1 x heavy, 2 x medium, 2 x light), Anodized Aluminium Parts, High Quality Padded Foam
User Weight Limit
Kiva Wellness

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