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Luxurious, Powerful Natural Skincare To Help You To Look And Feel Beautiful. 

At Love Your Health we’re passionate about offering high quality products whilst continuing to provide choice to our customers. We understand that we all have varying budgets, lifestyle choices and opinions on what is important to us. We feel that we have something to offer to all of our conscious consumers. We support many fabulous Australian brands. For those like us who prefer for their products to have not been tested on animals we have brands who are committed to always being Cruelty Free. Products listed as Vegan do not contain any animal derived ingredients or by-products. 

Why Choose Natural or Organic Skincare?

At Love Your Health Australia we believe that skin care made using natural ingredients actually works better. They are less likely to cause irritation as natural ingredients are gentler and more welcoming to your skin. Whether you are simply adding to your every day skin care routine to cleanse, tone and moisturise. Or you are looking to solve a skin issue such as enlarged pores, acne or prevent sun damage. You can have peace of mind that you can understand the ingredient list and are not left wondering about unregulated hidden chemicals and fragrances.

As the body’s largest organ, our skin needs a great deal of care to stay healthy, smooth and soft. While routines like daily moisturisation and the like are becoming more popular, many people might not know that their skin needs hydration and exfoliation to look and feel its best. A variety of issues can crop up when skincare is neglected. These include dry skin, eczema, dandruff, worsened acne, and more. 

At Love Your Health, we actively encourage all of our customers to learn more about their own skin for the sake of taking care of themselves. Knowing whether you have sensitive skin, dry, skin, oily skin, reactive skin, etc., is incredibly important if you want to establish any sort of skincare routine that results in smooth, soft, blemish-free skin.

Organic skincare products

The array of skin care options on the market can look pretty bleak when you’re on the hunt for something organic. Many beauty companies cut corners by reducing the number of simple, natural ingredients they use. And hey, outsourcing ingredients and labour does reduce in cheaper products — we just think it also results in cheaper-feeling products that might not always work as well with your skin.

Our products are made using natural, organic ingredients that are sourced ethically. This allows you to shop for your beauty products guilt-free. This also gives you that extra shine that comes from using natural skin care products. Too many unfamiliar chemicals that might be foreign to your skin can result in advanced ageing, increased wrinkling, and unnatural blemishes. We think staying simple, with our ingredients, is the best way to avoid introducing your body to something unfamiliar that could cause a reaction.

A variety of all-natural skincare options

We stock a very wide range of skincare options, including moisturisers, toners, facial masks, skin treatments and lip balms. Each of our products is made with care, and while every store or site may say that, we can say with sincerity that we mean it. We encourage you to explore our story to see where we’re coming from when talking about organic skincare products and why they’re such a big deal to our company as a whole.


Are organic products better for my skin?

We believe that organic skincare products result in more satisfied customers, simply because it’s easy to prove results. What we mean by this is when you use a product that has a hundred different ingredients and it doesn’t work for you or causes a rash or a negative reaction, it can be extremely difficult to figure out why. With organic products and their more concise ingredient list, figuring out what went wrong, or more likely, what went right, is simple. In other words, organic products aren’t better by default — they’re just easier to navigate.

Do I really need to use all these products for healthy skin?

While we stock a large number of organic skincare products, we’re in no way saying a person needs to use all of them to be healthy. It helps to know your skin type, but most people can benefit from some form of skincare routine, even if it’s only a simple moisturiser at night. We encourage you to explore different products to see if they give your face a little more glow or make your skin softer. There’s no harm in trying organic skincare products after all!

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