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Collection: Makeup Remover

Why Should I Remove My Make Up Every Night? 

Removing your makeup every night is essential if you want to wake up with clean, glowing skin the next day. You can be forgiven for the occasional slip. We’ve all been there, you get home late and find yourself  too tired or simply forget and jump into bed. However failing to remove your makeup before bed can lead to many skin issues such as dry skin, blackheads, pimples and even premature aging. Yes! Apparently sleeping in your makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals (attracted by makeup during the day), leading to collagen breakdown and skin that ages faster. Yikes. 

Have A Good Makeup Remover To Hand

This will help you in your quest to a healthy, clear complexion. At Love Your Health we offer a variety of natural oils, wipes and cleansers which will efficiently remove makeup, impurities and dirt from your face each night. Wipes are a simple solution for those of us likely to forget, however using a 100% pure Jojoba oil and organic cotton wool balls is also an option. Don’t forget to moisturise after cleansing. 

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