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Tips For Applying Your Moisturiser

Moisturising is important for all skin types, including oily skin. Your skin will often over produce oil to replenish moisture being lost so don’t skip the moisturising step even if your skin feels oily.  

Apply moisturiser immediately after cleansing your skin, applying it onto damp skin will help to lock in more moisture. 

Use your fingertips to smooth moisturiser upwards and outwards on your face using circular motions. 

Use your ring finger around the delicate eye area as this is your weakest finger. 

Allow the moisturiser to completely absorb before applying makeup or facial oil.

Don’t forget your neck! Always remember to apply moisturiser to your neck and breast area too. 

What’s the difference between using a moisturiser and a night cream?

Firstly, night creams are thicker than a moisturiser.

Moisturisers can be used day or night. The thinner texture means it’s easier to absorb into the skin and moisturisers can be used before applying your makeup. 

Night creams are usually heavier and may contain ingredients such as retinol or glycolic acid which may react when faced with UV rays in the day and so are formulated for use before bed. Your chosen day moisturiser may contain SPF which isn't required before bed. 

Our skin is believed to repair itself each night whilst we sleep so it’s an ideal time to use a night cream. The thicker night creams will usually contain specific anti aging and replenishing ingredients which can get to work whilst we dream. 

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