Kiva Wellness Reclaim Home Studio Pilates Reformer

  • This Reformer includes Padded Jump Board, Foot Strap, Long Box, Padded Standing platform and Adjustable Footbar.
  • Includes Bonus Non-Slip Standing Platform. 
  • Studio Quality Pilates Reformer that is also perfect for your home
  • Very Easy to Assemble, ready to go within 15 minutes
  • 5 Adjustment music springs with varied resistance 
  • High quality wheels / rollers for a smooth motion
  • Stable & Responsive One-Piece Rail Carriage
  • Life Time Warranty on Structure
  • Made from Hard German Beech Wood
  • 3 year parts warranty on home use / 12 month commercial parts warranty
  • In stock and dispatched within 48 hours 
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide
  • Call our sales team directly on 0280741791 if you have more questions
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Kiva Wellness Reclaim Home Studio Pilates Reformer

Now you can practice Pilates at home with your very own Kiva Wellness Studio Pilates Reformer.


Perfect for both the studio and your home this unit is made using solid wood from the German beech tree along with high quality stainless steel giving it a professional look and feel.


The first of Kiva Wellness’s Pilates range to arrive in Australia has been designed with the user in mind offering a premium performance meaning both you or your clients will experience that fabulous feeling of improved flexibility, strength, balance, and overall awareness after each session.  



Quality design offering peaceful and secure operation


The Kiva Wellness Studio Pilates Reformer was built with a smoothness in mind. Appealing to the eye, you will be delighted with its extremely soft movement as you glide forward and back on its one-piece rail structure.


Thanks to our manufacturers focus on its design, you will notice (or not should we say) the way the Reformer, moves along carriageway in a pretty much a silent action, without feeling any bumps as you perform your routine.


The high-quality inner rail, adds to the Kiva Wellness Reformer’s solid frame and compliments its overall durability.


This Reformer works on a recognised 8-wheel system along with its 4 vertical wheels to provide support for the carriage. It has another 4 wheels that then operate horizontally allowing the carriage to glide fluently along its rail.


How do I adjust the unit?


With comfort in mind the Reformer offers a EVA Foam padded head rest offering strong support for all body shapes. You will find one rest sat above the carriage whilst the other is level with it.


The Reformer comes with 5 High Quality Music Wire Springs each offering different levels of tension, these are 2 x light, 2 x medium and 1 x strong. The springs easily attach to the gear bar which itself has 5 settings that your can choose between.



The Kiva Wellness Studio Reformers foot bar as 7 different positions allowing you to do various exercises, whilst on the carriage you will find 2 different stop adjustment settings at either end which aids in its smooth glide.


Each rope is adjustable, you can attach the to a double-loop multi-use hand and foot strap which manoeuvres though its pulley system. This allows you to adjust your position again for various exercises.


High quality structure that comes with a life time warranty


The build quality of the Kiva Wellness Studio Pilates Reformer if fabulous and easily rivals other Studio quality Reformers available in the Australian market.


Such is its quality that we are prepared to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the structure. Its wooden frame is complete with a fabulously smooth finish which really is enhanced by the fact it has been sanded and stained by hand.


The Reformers music springs are nickel-plated and durable, you will find them rust proof and that they will comfortably withstand everyday use. 


Finally other heavy-duty parts are made with anodized aluminium preventing oxidation and black dust from forming during operation. 


Along with the structure warranty the Kiva Wellness Studio Reformer is complete with a 3-year parts home warranty and 12 months for commercial use. You can obtain any spare parts directly from us.



What does the Kiva Wellness Studio Reformer come with?


Included in the box that contains the Reformer is a Padded Foot Plate (Jump Board) which can be used as a Cardio Rebounder. It also has a Long Sitting Box along with a adjustable foot strap.


By combining the foot straps and long box you can improve your flexibility by increasing the range of exercises whilst using the Padded Foot plate will benefit your cardio, increasing heart rate and burning fat.


Also included is an adjustable footbar with 7 fixed adjustment positions for people of various heights, a padded standing platform giving you many more standing, kneeling and supine exercise options.


What comes with the Kiva Wellness Home Studio Pilates Reformer


Includes Reformer Mattress Attachment for added variation


The Kiva Wellness Studio quality Reformer also comes equipped with an extra mattress attachment that allows your reformer to become a complete padded platform for when you are looking to perform stretches that don't require its carriage and springs to move. 

This makes the reformer also suitable for practising other types of exerciser whether that be Yoga or Mat Pilates. 



Delivery, Assembly and After Sales Service


We pay for a specialist heavy goods company to safely deliver your Reformer. Careful attention is carried out along the way and we do not charge you for this. Shipping is totally free to your front door. 


The delivery company will ensure your Reformer which comes in 1 large box will be carefully handed over to you ready for you to set up.  Please have at least 2 people available to help you move the unit even once the box is opened and the Reformer is removed. 


This Reformer's assembly can be achieved within 30 minutes, all parts come inside one large box. The frame is already together. 


There is a Lifetime Warranty on your Reformer's structure and a 3 Year Warranty on other parts.


As a Love Your Health preferred brand should you have any issues with your Kiva Wellness Reformer and general questions simply contact us directly via Phone number below, Live chat or email and our trained team will support you.


Please note that due to the size and weight of your Reformer we cannot use our usual couriers to deliver. This item is bulky so therefore will be shipped using a specialised delivery company.


Please allow a few days for the local Aussie truck drivers to get your Reformer to your front door.


Kiva Wellness
Free Shipping Details
Free shipping for NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, ACT, WA
Included Accessories
Padded Jump Board, Long Sitting Box, Adjustable Footbar, Padded Platform Extender, Foot Strap, Non-Slip Standing Platform.
Shipping Weight
Product Weight
Carriage Wheels
8 Wheels (For Ultra Smooth Glide)
Total Product Dimensions
L 234cm x W 75cm x H 33cm
Jump Board Dimensions (Padded Area)
L 73.5cm x W 61cm 
Carriage Length (From Stopper to Stopper)
Jump Board Travel Length 
Shipping Dimensions
L 242cm x W 77cm x H 37cm
Materials include
German Beech Wood, 5 Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel Springs (1 x heavy, 2 x medium, 2 x light), Anodized Aluminium Parts, EVA Foam
User Weight Limit
Kiva Wellness

Kiva Wellness is dedicated to offering quality products that when used regularly will improve your overall wellbeing. Offering a range that includes Saunas, Pilates and Yoga products, Kiva Wellness is owned and distributed by Love Your Health Australia.

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