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Brushing Your Hair Is Good For You



Apparently brushing your hair helps to distribute your scalp's natural oils through your hair. Experts recommend brushing your hair twice a day for this reason. Hair brushing is also like a mini massage for your scalp and will remove loose hairs. 


Which Brush Should I Use?

Paddle Brush? Comb? S-Shaped? There are a lot of different types of brushes to choose from and you may need more than one brush for different things. Read on for a quick rundown on what each brush can be used for. 


Paddle Brush

Is a popular choice, if in doubt perhaps choose this one because it suits all hair types. Ideally used to detangle hair. You should also use a paddle brush to prepare hair before straightening. 


Thermal Ceramic Coated Barrel

Giovanni’s Thermal Hair Brush is designed for easy blow drying, brushing and styling of medium to long hair. With a ceramic coated round barrel, it conducts heat quickly and evenly for perfect heat styling.

Wide toothed wooden comb

Bass Brushes wide and thin toothed bamboo wooden comb has the best of both world. The wide-toothed end is great to use on tangle or knotted hair when wet and the thin-toothed end is perfect for styling when you need straight sections and for detangling dry hair.

Thin toothed wooden comb

Use a thin toothed comb when you want to get all of your hairs in place, ideal for styling to help sectioning and getting your parting straight. Wooden combs have benefits too, not creating any static is one of them. 

S Shaped Brush 

Bass Brushes Bamboo Wood S Shaped brush is designed to make it extremely comfortable to hold. The handle and bristles are made of natural bamboo for an environmentally conscious alternative to the traditional brush.


Detangler Hair Brush

Ideal for long hair which can become knotty or for children's hair to prevent pulling. Bass Brushes detangling brushes enable you to detangle hair when wet and dry. Their brushes come in Teal, Pink and Green and are made From Corn, Cassava and Potato Starches.  Another fantastic eco friendly option. 

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