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Collection: Natural Head Lice Treatment

Tips To Prevent Head Lice 

Even reading about head lice can create a head scratching frenzy. Unfortunately head lice is something many of us will encounter especially for those of us with school aged children. It’s definitely easier to prevent head lice rather than treating and there are many natural ways to do this. Read on for some tips on easy ways to help deter them. 

Use a repellent

Aromaganic Liceshield Protekt Spray is made using natural ingredients. Use for a simple way to protect against head lice and also as an effective de-tangler. As a bonus is will also help guard your hair from damage caused by UV rays. Use daily for protection and it will also leave your hair soft and shiny.

Tie long hair up

Tying long hair up, especially for school and/or pre school in a plait or braid can help prevent catching head lice as there is a lower risk of hair mixing and  touching others. 

Check hair regularly

Ensure you are aware of what head lice look like, look out for signs such as an itchy scalp and red bumps on the scalp. Check hair regularly paying particular attention to the back of the neck and behind the ears. 

Get a Good Nit Comb

This is the best way to check for head lice, sometimes you may not see the lice especially in dark or long hair or when trying to check your own hair. ‘Wet Combing’ is when you run a nit comb through wet hair after coating it thoroughly in conditioner. The head lice are easier to spot in the conditioner. This method can promptly prove whether you have head lice or not. 

Tea Tree Oil 

There are many essential oils believed to help prevent and kill head lice when applied to your scalp and hair such as Tea tree oil, Lavender oil and Neem oil. Whilst researching I found that tea tree oil seems to be a very popular choice. The strong smell of tea tree repels the head lice from transferring from one to another. To use tea tree oil effectively you could add 10 drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and mix, regular washing with this can help to prevent head lice. Or you could create a spritz by diluting tea tree oil and water into a spray bottle and spray onto hair and scalp daily for protection. 

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