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Top Tips For A Good Hair Day  

Our hair goes through a-lot.  Using products, extreme heat whilst styling, tight braids, failing to eat a healthy diet and pollution can all affect your hair. Here are a few simple tips to help you care for your hair. 

Trim Your Hair

Even when you're growing it, giving your hair a trim can help encourage growth and tidy up any split ends. 

Don't Over wash Your Hair

Shampooing and conditioning your hair every day may not be great for your hair. You could be stripping your scalp of many essential oils and over washing can dull hair colour. A flaky scalp or dandruff could be a sign you a drying your scalp out. 

Use Natural Hair Care Products 

There are so many reasons to go natural. Natural shampoos wont contain harsh ingredients such as sulphates and drying alcohols which can cause irritation to the scalp. Natural products are usually made with natural plant oils and herb extracts that promote new hair growth by naturally stimulating the hair follicles. The brands we sell are cruelty free too and so going natural can be a conscious decision for our planet. 

Always Condition After Shampooing

Conditioning after washing will help to seal in the moisture.  Its important not to skip conditioning as your hair could become frizzy. 

Treat yourself To A Scalp Massage

Whether its an add on treatment during a facial or you simply do it yourself whilst washing your hair. Taking a few moments to gently massage your scalp can promote circulation to the hair follicles creating a great environment for hair growth.  You will be left feeling relaxed, do it before bed to promote sleep. A scalp massage can help relieve tension headaches too. 

Don't Forget Your Supplements

There are many natural supplements available to help you achieve thick, shiny hair. Ensure your diet includes Vitamins C, B and E as they are required for healthy hair growth. Natures Goodness offer their Hair, Skin and Nails supplement. It Is a potent blend of collagen, vitamin C, silica, zinc and biotin, can be used to support collagen and keratin production.

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