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Should I Be Using Shampoo And Conditioner Of The Same Brand??  

If you’re a fan of buying whatever is on offer, or using up old products before replacing for a new bottle, you probably wont always be pairing your shampoo with the same brand of conditioner. But does it even really matter?  

Nope, It Doesn't Matter.

Shampoo is used to clean your scalp and roots whereas conditioner focuses on conditioning mid-length to the ends of your hair. That's why you’ll notice your hair feels greasy if you use too much conditioner on your roots. So as they are both designed to do different jobs you could make the point that using the same brand would be pointless. Select the conditioner based on your styling needs so for instance if you have wavy hair and wish to style it in a sleek updo then use a smoothing conditioner. 

The general consensus seems to be that that you can mix and match based on your hair. Brands will create a pair with a formulation for one main feature such as volumizing or moisturising. However you may find that although the volumizing conditioner will  leave your hair full of body, using it with the volumizing shampoo leaves your fine hair feels flat or weighed down.

This does make sense, when you think about it you should be selecting both a shampoo and a conditioner based on your hair needs or goals. Whether or not the products match is not important.

It’s not just about my hair! 

For some people the joy of displaying their matching brands and containers in their bathroom is VERY important and they will strive to select complementary brand colours and containers to create an aesthetically pleasing display. This isn't me but I have friends who are like this and I respect that AND their bathrooms do always look lovely. 

What about mixing scents? 

For others they find the scent is more vibrant and longer lasting when they use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. That sounds very reasonable to me and if you are also getting fabulous results then there's simply no need to switch.


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