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Having A Warm Bath Is Good For You 

It can be truly special when you take the time to indulge in a long warm bath resulting in the ultimate self care experience. Romans believed baths were a principle element in good health and the benefits are still evident today. Read on to discover why you should cancel your plans and schedule in a long soak ASAP. 

Can help reduce blood pressure

Taking a regular warm bath can help to induce better blood flow and circulation. High blood pressure can lead to serious heart conditions so treating yourself to a nice warm bath is an easy way to help. 

Help you sleep better 

A luxurious bath with soothing music and candlelight can aid complete relaxation allowing your mind to wind down from the stresses of the day. Giving you time to clear your head and soothe tired muscles before heading to bed. Establishing relaxing bedtime rituals like this will promote better and deeper sleep.  

Soothe muscles and joints

Warm water has been used to soothe and calm for centuries, it can increase the release of endorphins in the body which will help you destress and relieve pain. You can also choose to add bath salts to encourage further therapeutic health benefits and help you to completely unwind. 

Soothes dry skin

Taking long soaks every night may dry out skin. But warm baths combined with essential oils or natural bath soaks can really help to soothe dry skin. Remember to apply body lotion or body oil immediately after bathing whilst your skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

Treats Menstrual Cramps

Relaxing in warm water can help to ease period pains caused by the contraction of pelvic muscles. Heat relaxes the cramp causing muscles by increasing blood flow to the pelvic area. 






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