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When Did You Last Treat Your Hair?

If you can’t remember then it may be worth considering applying a treatment. Try it once and you should notice the difference immediately. If your hair feels weak or limp, is dry or damaged then a treatment could be just what you need to give your hair a boost to help reconstruct and strengthen hair strands.  

Have a look at our selection of natural treatments available with Love Your Health and commit to taking the time to treat yourself from the comfort of your own home. 


For Dry / Damaged Hair

Giovanni's Hair Hydration Treatment Ultra Moist can be used on dry / damaged hair to bring beautiful hair back to life. Simply massage hydration treatment into wet hair after washing. Massage from roots to ends. Leave in for 3 minutes while Moisture Beads flush tresses in hydration. Rinse out for gorgeous and silky hair.


For Frizzy Hair 

Say goodbye to frizzy hair with Dr Organic’s Hair Treatment Serum Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. This serum is suitable for vegans and will not only eliminate frizz but will add instant shine and nourishment. Ultra moisturising Argan oil is combined with other selected botanicals to create a fragrant and absorbent hair treatment serum.  After shampooing and conditioning use a small amount in the palm of the hand and massage it through towel dry hair, style as desired. Use sparingly and avoid applying directly to roots.

For Thin Hair 

TRX2 Advanced Care Hair Thickening Cream contains all-natural ingredients to thicken and hydrate your hair. It’s clinically proven to thicken hair as its active components lock-in all the moisture to give you voluminous hair! It smells lovely and is non greasy. Massage a small amount through clean, towel-dried hair for enhanced volume. 

To Restore and Revitalise

You could make Hilde Hemmes Herbals Hairtone Plus Spray part of your daily hair care routine. This certified organic spray contains chamomile, stinging nettle, birch, lavender and rosemary to give your locks lustre and restore its natural beauty. Simply spray onto your scalp (wet or dry) and massage with fingertips for two to three minutes daily. 

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