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Do You Own A Tongue Cleaner?

No? Perhaps you've never thought about it? Well you may be missing out. This simple daily ritual will only take you a couple of seconds and you will be rewarded with some amazing benefits. Read on to find out about why you should be using a tongue cleaner. 

Removes bacteria - Using a tongue cleaner daily will efficiently remove mucus, bacteria and debris from the tongue. Brushing your tongue will break up some of the bacteria on the tongue but wont actually remove it. Scraping with a tongue cleaner is most effective.

Prevents Bad Breath - Bad breath can be caused by the build up of bacteria on your tongue so it makes sense that removing the build up with a tongue scraper everytime you brush your teeth will help those who do struggle with bad breath. There are mixed results from studies looking at the effectiveness of tongue cleaning to eliminate halitosis (chronic bad breath). However tongue cleaning / scraping combined with good overall oral hygiene practices should definitely help. 

Exposes Taste Buds - If having excellent overall oral hygiene isn't a big enough sway for you, this reason may be. Apparently when you remove bacteria and build up from your tongue this can expose your taste buds more than usual. Giving you an opportunity to taste your food more than you have previously. Awesome!

Improve the appearance of your tongue - Have you ever noticed, even after brushing your teeth you may be left with a whitish layer of build up on your tongue? I often find this and brushing my tongue with a toothbrush would have little impact. Tongue scraping will eliminate this, leaving your tongue looking and feeling cleaner.

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