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Collection: Tampons

Which Tampon Size To Choose? 

Light, regular, super, and super plus are the common sizes to choose from. Many women will stock up on various sizes so they can use the appropriate tampon during different stages of their ‘flow’. We are all different, if you are new to using tampons there  can be a bit of trial and error. For a quick tip - Light and regular tampons should be chosen for light to medium flows and Super / Super Plus for those with heavier flows. Our menstrual flows are usually lighter at the beginning  and the end of our cycle and so it’s handy to light or regular available for those instances. If in doubt use a panty liner to allow a little extra protection and give you confidence that you won't leak. 

How Will I Know If My Tampon Isn’t Inserted Correctly?

When a tampon is correctly inserted you shouldn’t feel anything really. If you do feel some discomfort then you probably haven’t inserted the tampon far enough. You can try to push it further using a clean finger or simply pull the removal cord to remove it and insert a fresh one. Feeling discomfort can also be a sign that you are using a tampon which is too big for your body and so it may be worth trying a smaller size. 

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