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What To Consider When Choosing Whether To Wear A Sanitary Pad Or A Tampon? 

It’s really based on personal preference and how you feel. It’s important that whatever you choose enables you to feel comfortable whilst doing its job. Let’s take a look at the Pro’s and Cons of both.

Menstrual pads come in lots of shapes and sizes to accommodate changes in your flow, activities and the time of the day. 

Many people prefer to wear pads overnight as they find them more comfortable and they may offer longer lasting protection from leaking. 

Some women opt to wear both, you can use a pad whilst also using a tampon to provide a little extra protection and peace of mind. 

Some women will never get used to inserting tampons, some find it extremely uncomfortable.

Tampons are the winner when it comes to the fact they are invisible so you can still wear any outfit you like and you can still go swimming or jump into the hot tub if you want. 

Some people find tampons slightly more irritating or itchy rather than using pads. 

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