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Get A Sun Kissed Glow At Home 

Fake tan has become increasingly popular as we continue to learn about and understand the health risks associated with sun exposure. Spray tans are a fabulous alternative but there are also many products available which can enable you to achieve your desired sun kissed glow in the comfort of your open home any time you like. 



Fake Tan Do's and Don'ts 


Do Moisturise 

Dry skin will not tan well and the results will appear patchy and uneven, its important to maintain your skins moisture levels before applying self tan by moisturising atleast daily in the run up to self tanning. Skip facial oil on the day you apply self tan so it doesn't block the tan from your skin. 

Don't moisturise on the day you are applying the tan

I know I just recommended that you moisturise daily, just skip it when you are due to apply fake tan that day as it can affect the tanner. 

Don't forget to Exfoliate 

Exfoliate your entire body at least a few days before you are planning to apply fake tan. Give dryer areas like your elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and feet extra attention. The pigments will gather in dry spots and appear darker then the rest of you.

Complete hair removal BEFORE you self tan

If you wax or shave after tanning then you will remove the tan from the top layer of your skin. Its also worth mentioning that laser hair removal can also not be completed after self tan application. If you shave atleast 24 - 48  hours before you will have time to exfoliate and moisturise the day before you apply your tan. 

Do use a tan application mitt

They will help you achieve a perfect tan and you will avoid staining the palms of your hands. Wot Not’s Tan Application Mitt is made with soft velvet so its great for blending and buffing to achieve professional streak free finish. 

Do wear loose clothing after applying

Avoid wearing a bra and tight underwear. Its best to embrace being naked for an hours however if this isn’t possible then choose loose clothing to avoid rubbing your tan away and make sure they are items you wont mind getting stained. 

Do Invest in a tan extender

Applying self tan can be time consuming, its a commitment to fit it in by the time you’ve gone to the effort to do it correctly you may as well try to extend the results. Zuii Organics Cosmetics Organic Dry Oil Tan Extender is a non-greasy natural tan extender. Use it to keep your colour for longer and your tan glowing. It has skin-nourishing minerals too.

Don't rush 

Start applying from your feet upwards finishing with your face. Go  nice and slow so you don't miss bits and to avoid streaky areas. Pay extra attention and apply sparingly to your face as your skin will darken easily. Don't forget to apply it behind your ears and the back of your neck. 

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