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Your Shaving Routine

You may shave daily or once a week either way you probably have a set way you do it. An effective shaving routine can set you up for great results. We believe natural is always best when it comes to skincare, choosing natural will allow you to avoid fragrances and parabens. Some shaving foam products may also contain Butane, Isobutane and Propane. Here are 5 tips to incorporate into your own routine which can lead to a better shave and will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing.

Take a hot shower before you shave

Hot showers help open the pores on your face and softens the hairs. If you don't have time to shower atleast wash your face with warm water to open your pores.


It's important to use a cleanser to remove dirt and oil from your face before you shave. This will help to prevent acne breakouts. 

Apply a shave oil or gel and let it soak in. 

Proper skin preparation before you shave will help to reduce skin irritation after shaving. A natural oil or gel will help to lock moisture into your skin and soften the hair. 

Take your time

However you shave (against the grain, with the grain) take your time whilst you shave and avoid shaving bare skin. 

It’s all in the after care 

Use an after shave balm after shaving, then moisturise to finish. Shaving exfoliates the skin and can cause  it to become inflamed, dry or scaly. Adopt an after care routine to ensure you replenish any moisture lost due to shaving.
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