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Plastic Free July - are you up for the challenge? 

Plastic Free July is a great initiative created by the Plastic Free Foundation to create awareness around the plastic pollution epidemic we are currently facing and single use plastic being a major contributor to this. Committing to eliminating or reducing single use plastics may encourage you to continue to make conscious decisions moving forward. I first completed the Plastic Free July Challenge because I felt it was easier to  visualise committing to small changes over a period of just a month. However you could pledge to observe the challenge for just one day or one week of July.

Tips to thrive in Plastic Free July

Start with the Big Four

Choosing reusable for the following four things is a great first step in reducing your plastic consumption. That's plastic bags, water bottles, straws, and coffee cups. Perhaps purchase your reusable options if you don’t already have them before July so you are ready. You will probably find your coffee tastes better and stays warmer in an insulated BPA free coffee cup too.

Ditch the Glad Wrap 

Look at how you wrap and store your food, there are so many awesome alternatives out there like Beeswax wraps which keep food fresh and Sugar Wraps zip lock bags made out of sugarcane instead of plastic. Once you start looking you will be surprised. 

You don't have to get rid of all plastic in your home

If you already have plastic tupperware, lunchboxes and utensils in the kitchen don't rush to throw them away. You may as well continue to use them and just look at purchasing alternatives when you need to replace the plastic items. This will make it much more cost effective for you and you may as well continue to get use of the plastic you have already bought before it ends up in landfill. 

Invest in a reusable face mask

COVID19 has meant that on occasions we have been required to wear and dispose of single use face masks. Invest in a couple of washable and reusable face masks and carry with you so you can use them when required. 

Choose a bamboo toothbrush

The next time you replace your toothbrush opt for a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. This is an easy switch to make. Jack N Jill have fun designs for kids and they also have biodegradable rinse cups too. 

Tell your friends

Spread the word and perhaps document your findings and successes on social media. This will help to create higher participation as you inspire others and friends may ask you for advice.

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