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Collection: Reusable Coffee Capsules

Tips For Going Green 

Choose to Reuse 

  • Shopping bags, water bottles, coffee cups are the first 3 things we can all look to reuse in our every day lives
  • Sealpods reusable capsules are made from stainless steel with a silicone ring and are designed to last a lifetime!!!

Save Water 

  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth
  • Reducing shower times
  • Saving leftover water such you would throw away to water your plants

Avoid food wastage 

  • Make a shopping list, choose recipes so you don't stock the cupboards
  • Clean out your fridge regularly to use anything hiding in the back before it expires
  • Cut and freeze fruit before it expires, perfect for smoothies and better than throwing away
  • Buy in bulk when in season and plan meals / snacks to consume it
  • Use a Food Dehydrator to preserve foods all year round

Cut down on fuel

  • Walk or cycle if possible, being active is better for your health too
  • Carpool with friends or colleagues or take public transport 

Support local 

  • Reduces energy and fuel used to transport produce
  • Check food labels to see where food has originated from or has been packed and transported from
  • Choosing local supports our communities and the produce is fresher and will taste better too


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