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The many benefits of drinking filtered water 

Many households are now drinking filtered water rather than tap water. Whether you prefer an inbuilt water filter system or a filtered water jug there are many convenient ways to ensure you have filtered water available to drink. But why is it becoming increasingly popular? Aside from improved taste, there are many health benefits associated with drinking filtered water. Let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits.

Filtering water removes chemicals and metals

Fluoride and chloride are often present in water as they are used to clean it. Although they are used in small quantities many of us would rather avoid any potential health risks associated with ongoing daily consumption of these chemicals. Lets face it, we are advised to drink plenty of water every day. Quantities of metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and dioxins have also been found present in water supplies, again in small amounts but the true extent of the implications of consuming them remain unclear. 

Filtering water doesn't remove the good stuff

Magnesium, fluoride, potassium, and calcium are all essential for overall good health and with filtered tap water these essential minerals are not removed. It's worth noting that bottled water doesn't usually contain these elements so filtered water could actually be better for you! 

Filtered water tastes better

We’ve all been there, you're thirsty and switch on the tap and experience a strong chemical smell, coupled with a metallic taste. Not very refreshing. Perhaps you’re very much used to your own tap water at home but when you go elsewhere you will probably notice the taste. I personally love the fresh, clean and neutral taste of filtered tap water so much that I simply can't drink water straight from the tap anymore. I can even taste the difference after boiling the water. There’s a reason many top chefs ensure they have a water filtering system in their kitchen and that's because boiling water will remove most of the chlorine but many of the other chemicals in it will remain. 

Better for the environment 

Filtering your own water at home can dramatically reduce plastic bottle consumption. This is obviously going to reduce your plastic footprint which is better for the environment and your bank balance. Refilling your own reusable drink bottle is much more cost effective than buying pricey bottled water. It’s been noted that bottled water can be up to 30x more expensive than water from a filter.

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