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Shower Filters With Vitamin C And A Beautiful Scent

For a shower at home with spa-like quality you should try Waters Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe. They are designed to filter hard water that has high concentrations of chlorine and other sediments, using the filter results in the water feeling softer. The filters also contain sea collagen and vitamin C which are included to nourish your skin and hair. Choose from fresh lemon or relaxing lavender scent to promote a calming and soothing feeling. The filter can also help you to reduce water consumption as the shower head uses about 8 litres per minute which is 1 litre less than most other shower filters. Water Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe has a life cycle of 6 months for 2 people who use the shower daily. That accounts for 10,000 litres for the whole duration of 5-minute per shower. 

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