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What is the difference between a diffuser and a humidifier?

A diffuser is typically used with essential oils to freshen up a room’s aroma. You can choose among different types of essential oil diffusers including ultrasonic and evaporative.

A humidifier creates mist from cold water to help maintain a certain level of moisture in the room. Ideal for the cooler Winter months when the air is dry.  

The benefits of using a humidifier

Use a humidifier to add moisture to dry air which can cause irritation for us such as dry skin, dry nose and throat etc. Dry air can also worsen coughs and breathing problems so using a humidifier can help relieve symptoms particularly during the Winter months. You could even try switching on a humidifier at night to help combat snoring as its believed that dry air affects a persons airways and can make snoring worse. 

The benefits of using a Diffuser

Using a diffuser with essential oils can help create a relaxing and calming ambience in your home and gradually absorbed by yourself. Diffusers offer a gradual and continual release of your chosen essential oil which may also have antibacterial properties to help clean the air in your home. They usually come with lights which help create a soothing effect. Overall they are recognised as being ideal tools to help relaxation, promote sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.  



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