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Our Favourite Essential Oils Brands  

We are proud to sell Oil Garden essential oils because every single one of their oils  is simply 100% pure and natural. Oil Garden was born over 30 years ago locally to us here at Love Your Health in the outskirts of beautiful Byron Bay in Northern NSW.  They are recognised as one of the leading pure essential oil brands in Australia. 

Thursday Plantation are also situated locally to us just outside Ballina and close to Byron Bay. Their oils are 100% pure and natural. Their thorough understanding of tea tree oil and its therapeutic powers comes from over 40 years of experience growing, harvesting and distilling the oil.

Love Oils organic seed oils are 100% pure organic plant oils, wild harvested and ethically sourced from around the world. It is a family owned business created by David and Melanie Dane, pioneers of Aromatherapy in Australia and directly involved in the  essential oil industry for over 40 years. 

Aromae are an Australian brand based in Victoria. They also offer 100% pure essential oils. Their oils are ethically made in Australia using only cruelty free ingredients. The blends from this adored brand are divine.

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