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Make today the day you stop using and throwing away single use disposable coffee cups. Disposable coffee cups cannot be made out of recycled materials because they are required to meet with Health and Safety regulations and so have to be made from brand new cardboard. So not only are they usually not easily recyclable there is also a large environmental impact to manufacture them. For something used for just a moment it seems unfathomable to continue this way. Making the switch to re-useable will have a huge impact in reducing your plastic waste consumption and can give further benefits too. 

They look stylish 

I know I know, it's not all about looks. Coffee cups are functional first but you can choose from some beautiful designs and select your favourite for each member of the family. It's also great to know which coffee is yours so you don't inadvertently pick up someone else's coffee!

Can save you money

My local coffee shop offers a 50 cent discount when you bring your own cup. It may not seem like much but it all adds up. That $182.50 a year for one a day coffee drinkers. I know not all cafes offer this incentive but it's becoming increasingly popular with some of the major chains also joining in. You could always ask your local cafe if they would support this too.

Keeps your coffee warmer for longer 

Most quality brands coffee cups are insulated, Cheeki’s cups and tumblers keep liquids warm for up to 8 hours allowing you to prolong your coffee for your long Winter walk or extended park playdate. Cheeki and Ever Eco’s cups are also non-spill and won't leak so they are perfect for travel and carrying around. 

Your brew could taste better 

The Eco brands we sell offer coffee cups which are BPA and toxin free meaning you can skip the unwelcome taste of plastic in your morning coffee and avoid the BPA found in the plastic lids usually used in disposable coffee cups.

Less waste 

For quite a while I actually thought disposable coffee cups were recyclable! I have since learnt that they are extremely difficult to recycle and so will usually end up in landfill. This is due to the fact that they are made with an inner plastic lining (to make them waterproof) which can't be separated from the cardboard in a normal recycling plant. Carrying your own reusable coffee cup is one of the simplest changes you can make to your everyday life. 

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