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Why Choose Natural Cleaning Products?

In Australia the natural home care products range is expanding and that's due to the demand. We are becoming increasingly conscious of what we use on our bodies and in our homes and are keen to seek products which do not include certain chemicals and fragrances choosing brands whose values align with our beliefs. Here are a few reasons people are switching to NATURAL.

Cruelty Free

Always check the label but most natural brands are striving to protect the planet and so ensuring their products are cruelty free is usually included in their values. Cruelty free means the manufacturing of the product does not involve experimentation on animals.

Contain fewer allergens

Natural cleaning products are usually free from the most common allergens such as perfumes, ammonia, formaldehyde, chlorine, bleach and sulfates. Its also great to read a label and be more familiar with the ingredient list!

No Toxic Chemicals 

Protection from exposure to toxic substances and fumes is one of the most obvious benefits to switching to natural cleaning products which wont irritate and dry out your skin when they come into contact with it. Toxic chemicals can also cause respiratory issues and lets face it, it’s extremely hard to completely avoid inhaling a gas when the sponge or rag it’s coming from is in your hand. Many people are choosing to ditch the hazardous products and switch to safer alternatives to keep around the house, especially when you have kids and pets to consider.

Eco friendly options

Most natural cleaning products will be made using ingredients that wont cause harm to the environment, fewer toxins being put down the drain will help make a positive ecological impact and coupled with the fact eco friendly brands are offering refilling options and biodegradable packaging it means going natural is usually the greener option too.

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