Waters Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe - Lemon Scent

  • 1 x 10,000 Litre replaceable cartridge included. Life span. (Up to 6 months for 2 people average daily usage)
  • For use with Flex hose (Hand Held) shower systems only
  • Completely removes the residual chlorine in tap water, providing clean, safe water reducing skin irritation & hair loss.
  • Contains vitamin C to neutralise chlorine, moisturise and nourish for healthier skin.
  • Natural lemon oil aromatherapy effect to uplift, energise and detoxify
  • Contains collagen to increase the flexibility and elasticity of skin.
  • Magnetisation function, which by reducing its molecule size and providing soft water allows the water and nutrients to be absorbed into skin.
  • Use with water saving head uses approximately 8L per minute
  • NB. Does not remove Fluoride. Shower Head not included
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Waters Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe - Lemon Scent

Waters Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe- Lemon Scent

A shower with spa-like quality – this is what’s in store for you with the Water Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe. Manufactured to filter hard water that has high concentrations of chlorine and other sediments.

Trials have shown that 99% of chlorine present in the water has been filtered out. High chlorine concentration and heavy metals in the water can aggravate already existing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and can cause issues to those who don’t have any. Neutralising chlorine helps minimize skin irritation and hair loss.

Compared to other shower filters that utilize sulphates, the Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe uses Sea Collagen and Vitamin C for lovely skin. Collagen helps turn skin supple and elastic while Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that prevents damage from free-radicals. Together they nourish the skin and take good care of your hair.

The shower head uses about 8 liters per minute, 1 liter less than other shower filters. Water Co Therapy Shower Filter Deluxe has a life cycle of 6 months for 2 people who use the shower daily. That accounts for 10,000 liters for the whole duration of 5-minute per shower.

This shower kit is best for hose shower systems. If your shower head is mounted to the wall, you can go to your local hardware store for a conversion set.

Please note that all Waters Co products are dispatched from the Victoria based Warehouse & discount coupons are not Valid on Waters Co Products.

Waters Co

Waters Co were established in 1977, they have a proven track record and have won many awards for quality from internationally recognised bodies. Based in South Korea, Waters Co have been exporting water filtration products to Australia & the world since 1984. Their products have been stringently tested resulting in a number of certifications & awards. This means you can be confident that your investment will meet your level of expectations, every time.

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