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Rice is a common food staple found in many pantry's across the globe and is a popular source of carbohydrate, protein and minerals. At Love Your Health Australia we have many different types of rice you could try from low carb, low GI and colourful high protein options. Some may be unfamiliar to you, here's some information on the options available. 

Konjac Rice

Konjac rice is becoming increasingly popular as its low in carbohydrate, fat, sugar and calories, with only 5 calories per 100g serve. It can easily be incorporated into any dish as a replacement for noodles, rice or pasta. Zero Slim & Healthy Certified Organic Konjac Rice Style is gluten free and is made using Certified Organic Konjac Fibre (from the root of the konjac plant). 

Black Rice

Forbidden Foods Organic Black Rice is rich in antioxidants, and a delicious alternative for those seeking to indulge in a high protein low G.I rice. Its packed full of vitamins and minerals so pop it on the shopping list to try. Experience a hint of sweet and beautiful aromas, you'll immediately fall in love with the delicious nutty taste.

Red Rice

Red rice is known for its high nutritional value compared to white rice however it does take a longer time to cook. Forbidden Foods Organic Red Rice is rich in minerals and a delicious alternative for those seeking to indulge in a high protein rice that's pack full of vitamins and minerals such as iron and potassium. This vibrant rice is 100% whole grain and is high in dietary fibre.

Wild Rice

Lotus Organic Wild Rice is known to be high in protein, fibre and B Vitamins. It is gluten free and is recognised as offering a rich, nutty flavour making it the perfect complement paired with salads, soups or stir-fry's.

Basmati Rice

Basmatic rice originates from India and is an aromatic and fluffy rice excellent when paired with curries and pilafs. Pure Food Essentials Rice Basmati is gluten free, low in glycemic index and also contains prebiotic attributes.

A great staple for healthy meals

There’s a reason rice has been such a popular staple in huge segments of the world for so long; it’s filling, good for you and endlessly versatile! At Love Your Health, we’re passionate about helping people find nourishing food to boost their health and happiness. Our selection of natural, organic and gluten-free rice is no exception . From our organic grains to low carb rice options, our range has been carefully curated to give you a choice of delicious and healthy products you’ll love to cook with.  

Buy organic rice online with Love Your Health

If you’ve been searching for a high protein rice option, a low GI or reduced carbohydrate staple, look no further than the range of organic rice and rice alternatives in our online store. Spruce up stir-fries with the nutty flavour of wild rice, or give your meal a protein boost with organic black rice for an extra filling option. Coeliacs will love the gluten-free rice that we have to offer. They’re as delicious as they are easy to prepare. Browse the selection according to your dietary or nutritional needs, and pick up your favourite staple or try a new product that might just become your nightly go-to. 

Discover delicious and healthy foods from Love Your Health 

Love Your Health offers healthier alternatives for a lifetime of nutritious and clean living. Discover our range of food and drinks that focus on unprocessed and organic ingredients that are better for your body and kinder to the earth too. Our team is here to help you with any questions you may have about choosing the right products for your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today for advice and product enquiries. 

Looking for meal inspiration or tips on adapting cooking for a gluten-free diet? Check out the Love Your Health blog for recipes, to discover more about the health benefits of certain foods and more. 


What brands and types of natural rice do Love Your Health offer? 

Love Your Health proudly stocks a range of Pacific Organics and Lotus organic rice, including wild rice, basmati and jasmine rice, arborio rice for risottos and sushi rice. Our line of Forbidden rice includes green, red, brown and black rice. We also carry Zero Slim & Healthy certified organic konjac rice which is a low calorie and easy last-minute dinner solution. 

What is the most natural rice?

All the rice Love Your Health stock is naturally derived from grains to give you a minimally processed staple that is nutrient-dense and good for you. There are many different varieties of rice that come in different colours and flavour profiles, so choosing the most natural depends on what health benefits matter most to you. If you’re looking for a less processed alternative to white rice, brown rice is a whole grain alternative that increases the number of vitamins and minerals in each serving.

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