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Organic pasta & noodles that can be enjoyed by everyone

If you suffer from allergies, autoimmune diseases or follow a restrictive diet, things like pasta and noodles are often off the menu. Traditionally pasta and noodles are made using dough, packed full of wheat and dairy products which many people choose to remove from their diet for health reasons. At Love Your Health, we believe that the finer things in life (like a big bowl of spaghetti or a fragrant Asian noodle dish) should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their health or diet restrictions. When browsing our online store, customers will be treated to a wide variety of healthy pasta, noodles free from gluten and other alternatives that taste as delightful as the originals.

A variety of natural pasta & noodles to suit all diets

At Love Your Health, we’ve worked hard to source many different products in order to provide plenty of alternatives to suit our customer’s dietary requirements. If you’re wondering what are the healthiest pasta to buy, browse our products like rice and corn penne, low carb fusilli, soybean spaghetti, buckwheat gluten-free pasta and quinoa spirals. For those looking for an alternative to their favourite Asian dishes, choose from pumpkin and brown rice noodles, kelp noodles, mushroom noodles, organic ramen, gluten-free noodles and turmeric rice noodles. We’re dedicated to sourcing products from only the most trusted brands on the market, stocking the likes of Orgran, McDougall’s, Slendier, The Whole Foodies, Casalare, Eskal, Buontempo and many more.

Choose Love Your Health for all organic pasta & noodle alternatives

Get inspired to cook up a storm next mealtime by purchasing all natural pasta and noodles from Love Your Health. Head online and stock up the pantry with nourishing spaghetti, organic noodles and other delicious, nutritious goodies. While you’re browsing, be sure to get all of your other health necessities, including wellness supplements, bodycare, drinks and household items. We dispatch online orders daily and offer free shipping throughout Australia on all orders over $99. If you have any questions about our business be sure to check out our FAQs page, our wellness blog or reach out to someone from our customer service team today.


Why are natural pasta & noodles better for your health?  

People will avoid eating pasta and noodles for various health reasons. If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, food allergies or if you follow a low-carb, gluten-free or organic diet, then opting for an alternative will help you alleviate any health issues. Swapping out wheat for natural ingredients like kelp, buckwheat, corn or brown rice, can help reduce inflammation and other reactions.

What type of natural pasta & noodles does Love Your Health offer?

At Love Your Health, we are dedicated to providing a wide variety of products so that all of our customers can enjoy the delights of a vibrant Italian or Asian home-cooked meal. We stock pasta made from ingredients like soybean, buckwheat, green pea and brown rice and black beans. Our noodle products are made from kelp, konjac, buckwheat and bean thread. Whether you’re searching for spaghetti, soba noodles, fettuccine, fusilli, ramen or lasagna, we’ve got you covered.

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