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Are you looking for an alternative to regular coffee? 

We have many options available at Love Your Health, read on for some information on ways to help you to enjoy your coffee fix whilst benefitting from further health benefits or reducing your caffeine intake. 

Turmeric Latte

You can reduce your coffee intake and still enjoy a latte, perhaps its the ritual of carrying your coffee cup or enjoying a warm frothy drink. Turmeric is known for its health benefits such as anti inflammatory properties and its ability to aid GI tract health. Create a tasty and healthy latte with Therapeia Australia's Turmeric latte mix which is delicious and gluten free or for an extra hint of spice try Amazonia's Golden Latte. Its made with organic turmeric and organic Ayurvedic spices such as cinnamon, clove and ginger.


Teecino offer fabulous herbal coffee, which is just as irresistible as regular coffee but a lot healthier. Their range is rich in vitamins and minerals and is naturally caffeine free. Choose from Java, Vanilla Nut or Hazlenut flavours and you wont look back!


Teelixir provide a range of mushroom lattes choose from mocha, matcha or turmeric flavours. Each flavour contains the highest quality organic medicinal mushroom extracts. For an organic, caffeine free and gluten free health drink simply add the powder to water or milk (either hot or cold) for an extraordinary delight!

Instant Coffee with a little extra

X50 Revolver offer functional coffee formulated to enhance mental and physical performance. This product does contain caffeine and comes in handy sachets to make instantly. Each serve contains a collagen protein that helps keep your skin firm and glowing. It tastes smooth and creamy and should help you feel energised and fuller for longer. It is noted as being suitable for keto diets. 

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