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Gluten free baking made easy

Successful gluten free baking often seems like a skill which can take time to master. However there are brands out there who have done all the hard work for us. Regardless of your baking skills or how much time you have to try different flours you can still create wonderful gluten free baked goodies at home with these products.

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies 

Melinda makes it extremely simple to create gluten free treats for coeliacs or those with an intolerance to gluten. She is a coeliac herself and has used her baking expertise to create a range of products you can trust. From raspberry coconut cupcakes mix to red velvet cake or chocolate fudge brownie mix you will find it easy to accomplish amazing results by following the simple steps on the box. Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies use only clean ingredients and most of the mixes also cater for vegan, egg free and dairy free dietary requirements too.

For gluten free pizza bases, pastry and bread mixes try FG Roberts who are highly recognised for all things gluten free. They also have an emphasis on low sugar and low salt content within their mixes too. Their range is extremely easy to use with clear instructions on the packet and minimal ingredients to add.  

Gluten free extras for decoration 

Sometimes making the cake is the easy part. Finding gluten free treats to decorate the cake can be trickier. Try Organic Times Chocolate Little Gems, they look cute and taste absolutely delicious. These milk chocolate buttons are covered in crisp, fruity shells (with sweetness such as mango, orange and passionfruit) and are coloured with natural fruit and plant extracts. Sweet William provide tasty gluten free chocolate chips and buttons too. 

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