Omega VSJ843RS Low Speed Vert Cold Press Juicer

  • The latest offering in the Omega brand with major improvements in a sleek, round design
  • Dual Edge Technology assists in faster juicing compared to the average low speed juicer
  • Gentle rotation means lesser heat build-up which causes oxidation. This yields a nutritious juice with a smooth texture and little to no froth.
  • Auto-pulp ejection implies continuous juicing, while auto-cleaning system cuts down your cleaning tasks
  • Free Shipping to Anywhere in Australia
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Omega VSJ843RS Low Speed Vert Cold Press Juicer

The VSJ843RS is the newest genesis of vertical juicers from the supreme Omega brand. VSJ refers to "Vertical Slow Juicer" and quite literally, this is what the core function of the machine is - slow juicing. Effectively juice a variety of ingredients using this most recent juicing system. With Omega's signature quiet operation, enjoy a powerful juicer that will help you in carrying out a healthier lifestyle.

Omega VSJ843RS Tap open

Compared to the VERT352/372/382/402, the VSJ843RS functions at 43 RPM - much slower than the previous models which are at around 70-80 RPM. This is so because the focus of this particular machine is to juice produce at the quickest rate, at the lowest speed. This means that the volume you in your glass will be at its maximum. Other than its rotating drum, the other secret is in its dual fins that are situated at the top of the auger whose job is to cut your ingredient further before releasing it to the drum. This Dual Edge Technology cooperates with the narrow fit of the auger that itself squeezes the ingredient even tighter. The outcome? You getting more juice that has a smooth pay-off, good nutrient concentration, and with the least froth possible.

Due to its gradual rotation, fast oxidation is prevented. Nutrients and enzymes, therefore, are intact and so is the shelf-life of the juice. Another thing that makes the Omega VSJ843RS Low Speed Vert Juicer a true steal is that you can also create nut milks a process which is explained fully in the product manual.

The VSJ843RS also features an auto-cleaning system that reduces the clean-up process. If you want to clean in between juicing, simply pour water inside and flush it out and you'll be ready for your next session. It also automatically ejects pulp so you need not wait for an ingredient to finish being processed before inserting another one.

As the latest and lowest-speed vertical juicer in the Omega brand, the VSJ843RS is no doubt advance and efficient. Juice your soft berries or tough nuts and grass with ease with the Omega VSJ843RS Low Speed Vert Juicer. Compared to other slow juicer models, the VSJ843RS will give you the highest juice output with the least pulp ever present.

Omega VSJ Juicer

The VSJ843RS has one and the same model number around the world. However, the juicer you will purchase will have an Australian plug which is fitted to 220/240V power. The "R" indicates the design which is Round while the letter "S" indicates the color of the machine which is Silver. As of the moment, Silver is the only color available.


Weight: 5.2 kg | Speed: 43 RPM | Finish: Satin Silver | Motor: 1/5HP Condensed Motor | Wattage: 150W | Dimensions: 178mm W x 216mm D x 394mm H

Warranty: 20 years on motor | 10 years on parts


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Omega Juicers

Founded as Olympic Products by Robert Leo. Prior to Olympic, Mr. Leo spent over 20 years at the helm of another juicing company, listening to consumers and crafting a product concept that delivered upon clients needs. In 1987 Olympic Products changed its name to Omega Juicers. Roll forward to 2021 and Omega Juicers has become the World's most famous brand in its class. Omega is now distributed in over 120 countries.

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