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Favourite Home Treatments To Ease Muscle Aches And Cramps 

Wheat bags or Heat Pads 

Heat is commonly used to temporarily increase blood circulation bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to a specific affected area. Applying a heat pad or heated wheat bag to an area causing pain or soreness can help to promote healing and relieve pain and tension. Always check for professional advice to treat a specific concern and be careful if you are applying heat to others as everyone has different tolerance levels to heat. Applying heat is a traditional method of pain relief. 

Herbal Pain Relief 

There are creams you can use you with specific analgesic (pain relieving) and rubefacient (stimulates circulation) properties. Hilde Hemmes Herbal Pain Elim Cream can be used topically on a specific area to relieve discomfort caused from arthritis, rheumatism, lower back pains, other muscular pains. You can apply this cream a few times a day if required and it's non greasy so won't feel sticky after application.

Soak In A Magnesium Bath 

If you are aching all over your body after a long day or a big workout then a warm magnesium bath could be just the trick. Magnesium helps produce serotonin which is a mood elevating chemical,  sprinkle Magnesium Bath Flakes or Epsom salts into your bath before getting in to relieve sore muscles and joints and relax the nervous system.

Massage with Essential Oils 

Treat yourself to a massage with a professional massage therapist or perhaps select your favourite essential oil to and give yourself a massage. Adding an essential oil for an can Enhance the effects and help your body to relax. A few oils to consider using are  Peppermint oil, Lavender Oil and Rosemary Oil. Peppermint is commonly used for healing purposes and has an invigorating scent. Lavender has sedative properties and is often used for pain relief and to help with headaches and anxiety. Rosemary is a natural muscle relaxer and is often used to speed up muscle recovery after injury. 

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