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From Treating Nappy Rash to A Relaxing Bath We Have Something For Your Little Ones

Here you will find a range of products to use for your children and babies. Amazing natural creams formulated to treat eczema and nappy rash. Including Natures Child’s organic bottom balm which is a beeswax based balm made using all-natural ingredients. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin to help prevent and/or soothe skin irritation and nappy rash. Shop with us for fun alcohol free hand sanitizer designed specifically for kids use by Jack and Jill or for a choice of natural sunscreen formulated for little ones. 


Getting ready for your Baby Massage  

 Massaging your baby is a wonderful ritual to adopt, it can be a beautiful moment for you to bond and could very well become the favourite part of the day for both of you.  Baby massaging is believed to relax muscles, stimulate their growth and can help relieve constipation or gas.  Read on for a few tips! 

Make your baby comfortable, set the mood or tone using natural light and ensuring the room is a nice temperature. You wouldn’t want them to feel cold.

Choose your time, your baby should be alert and well rested and not hungry so between 2 feeding times. 

Use gentle rubbing motions and massage in one direction. Use very gentle pressure.

Remember you would like this to be relaxing and calming for them so try not to tickle your baby. 

If you choose to use oil, select one that's odourless and edible — just in case your baby gets some in his or her mouth.

If you’d rather not use an oil directly on your babies skin then you could try vaporising a few drops of essential oil using a diffuser. Oil Garden provide wonderful blends for babies to help soothe, relax and promote sleep.

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