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What is Colloidal Silver? 

Colloidal silver consists of tiny silver particles in a liquid that is sometimes promoted as a dietary supplement. More research is needed however advocates of the use of colloidal silver suggest it has many health benefits. If you want to buy colloidal silver, you have to choose the number of ppm (parts per million). One of the most potent is colloidal silver 500 ppm (parts per million). Colloidal silver is most commonly found in strengths from 10 ppm to 120 ppm. The higher the ppm the darker the colloidal silver will be in the bottle. Let's take a look at the range available and the strength of each product.

Medicines From Nature

Medicines from Nature are based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Specialists in natural health care products with a first-class technology and an advanced research & development centre. Their Ultimate Colloidal Silver is a high strength, ultra fine particle size bacteriostatic water treatment that has a particle count of 50 parts per million and particle size ranging from 0.0001 microns to guarantee its effectiveness. It takes only 5 drops per 250ml to sanitize water using Ultimate Colloidal Silver.

Original Colloidal Minerals

The House of Courtenay is a family business which started in 1996. Founder Dr. Keith Courtenay created Original Colloidal Minerals. Their Colloidal Minerals benefit from having a smaller particles size. Dr Keith Courtenay believed that the smaller the particles are more efficiently absorbed by the cells of our body.


LifeSprings were created in 1996 by Founders who believe that most mineral products on the shelves in pharmacies are metallic minerals which are cheap to manufacture but hardly very absorbable by our bodies. They have strived to fill that gap by setting a new standard. Their Colloidal Plant Derived Minerals is a fast absorbing liquid concentrate that has a 100% natural form of plant derived (colloidal) minerals. LifeSprings claim that plant-derived minerals are non-toxic and safer to use. 

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