What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness on the run

Mindfulness on the Run By Sally Kellett 

For many of us, the term ‘mindfulness’ conjures images of fluffy pillows, scented candles, and a group of people sitting in the lotus position.

However, most of us just don’t have the time for this type of mindfulness practice, which is why I’ve coined the term Mindfulness on the Run.

The great news is that it takes much less time than the traditional approach of sitting, turning attention inward to breathing, and in fact, it can be practiced while on the run,

Some of the best times are when you’re stuck in traffic, doing the dishes or having a shower.

So, what exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply becoming aware of your mind, body and speech, and staying present in the current moment. It’s not thinking about what you’re going to cook for dinner, or when you’re going to pay the next bill – it’s simply remaining in the current moment.

The trick is to fully remain focused on the task at hand. Honing your focus on that task alone, because by holding a single point of focus, other thoughts melt away giving the mind a refreshing break.

Here are some of my top ways of practicing Mindfulness on the Run:

– In the shower. Rather than rushing through the process, move slowly – counting to 30 when you wash your face, and focusing on what is happening in the shower instead of in your head.

– When doing the dishes, single your focus on simply doing them. Focus on the warmth of the water, the bubbles, the feel of the plates, the washing motion – hold a single point of focus so that all other thoughts melt away, giving the mind a relaxing break.

– Sitting in traffic jams – rather than getting frustrated by the traffic, or spending this time making a million phone calls, listen to your favourite podcast, or listen to an Audible book instead. Focus solely on the ebook/podcast, instead of answering multiple client calls while in the car.

– Chopping the veggies – simply focus on chopping the veggies.  Don’t suddenly stop to check your phone and then start a reply to messages or emails. Stay focused, even if it’s just peeling and cutting the carrots and beans for 2 minutes!

– Folding the laundry. Notice the texture of your clothes, the colour of your favourite jumper, and the feel of the clothes against your skin. Focus on the simple act of folding your laundry and then putting it away.

Mindfulness can always be practiced no matter what you are doing, even when you’re busy and on the run! Always ask yourself, how can I be practicing more mindfulness at this moment? The more you contemplate this question, the more you will naturally find yourself practicing mindfulness

Sally Kellett is a professional meditation teacher, certified sound meditation practitioner and founder of Mirosuna – a wellbeing hub and mindfulness studio in Melbourne created for busy professionals to truly recharge.  After experiencing the real, tangible benefits of mindfulness herself without giving up hours of her day to meditate, Sally now teaches others how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives so they see the benefits long after they finish their meditation class. 

Mirosuna’s Wellness Month will be launching on Monday 22nd June, with a month-long calendar of classes and workshops led by some of Melbourne’s leading wellness practitioners. Unique classes on offer will include ‘Yin and Tonic’, ‘Mirosuna’s Sound Meditation’ and ‘Breath for Restoration’. To find out more, visit