Love Your Health With Our 10 Favourite Healthy Snacks


Whether we are hungry, on the go, recovering from a workout, or holding ourselves over to the next meal, it’s important to have healthy and easy snacks to have on hand. Unfortunately many snacks on the supermarket shelves can contain a lot of sugar and other additives and preservatives that can do more harm for your health than good.

If you are looking for easy, healthy snack ideas and don't know where to start, than read on to discover some of our favourites here at LYH HQ.

Dried Mango

Dried mango is a great little snack that is full of vitamins and minerals while being sweet, chewy, and also full of healthy carbs. Dried mango contains vitamin C, vitamin A, iron (who knew mango had iron!?), and has great fibre content which aids in digestion. Have some dried mango as an after dinner treat or as on-the-go snack in your purse, or even in your child's lunchbox.

When buying dried mango, make sure to read the ingredients and that it says only 'mango' as unfortunately a lot of brands will add sugar oil, preservatives or fillers.

You can even make your own dried mango at home using our Excalibur dehydrators.


Meat Jerky

Want all the benefits of grass-fed beef on the go? Then look no further than Barbell Air Dried Steak! This beef jerky contains more omega-3's and healthier fats than traditional jerky and contains only minimal ingredients (grass-fed Australian beef, sea salt, coriander seeds, black pepper, cloves and cayenne pepper), and is completely free from dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, and nitrates.

We also have vegan jerky options available in our online store.


East Bali Cashews Granola

We love granola as it can be a great snack or addition to a meal, but granola can also often times be filled with a tonne of fat and sugar, and can be quite calorie dense. East Bali Cashews Granola uses natural sweeteners rather than processed table sugar (better for your gut health). You can use it to top on some coconut yoghurt with some berries, or make a yummy smoothie bowl and add some on top.


Kitz Living Foods Organic Mini Pizza Crackers

I love these Kitz Living Foods Mini Pizza Crackers because they have minimal healthy ingredients (organic almonds, sunflower and flax seeds plus carrots and Italian herbs) and are vegan and gluten-free! These crackers are also high in omega 3’s. Having some of these with some avocado or hummus makes for a great little snack.

Banana Chips

We love these Banana Joe Banana Chips because they are the perfect nutritional and guilt-free snack that taste like a proper potato chip - thin, crispy and delicious! Banana Joe uses green bananas, which have lower sugar content and high prebiotic fibers. These chips also contain added probiotics which are great for gut health.


Fruit Smoothie Pouches

Slendier Smoothies are natural, low calorie, delicious and perfect for a healthy snack on the go, lunch box addition or breakfast replacement. Kids can also easily take snack time into their own hands with these fruit pouches. Plus, they’re squeezable, resealable, and made with a blend of organic fruits (and no added sugar). Slendier Smoothies also contain Konjac vegetable which doesn't taste of anything but is full of fibre which helps you to feel full for longer. These also come in a range of different flavours to suit every taste bud such as Tropical Carrot, Kiwi Paradise, and plain Apple. 


Strawberry & Apple Go Natural Twisters

Who doesn’t love candy and licorice!? These Go Natural Twisters are a healthy, natural, vegan and gluten-free alternative to raspberry licorice without the nasty additives or artificial colours. If you want to bring a healthier candy and licorice alternative into your child’s lunchbox or as a special treat at home, then you should definitely try these!


IQ Bar Brain Body Chocolate Sea Salt

IQ Bars will help satisfy any chocolate cravings without the guilt. These vegan protein bars are made using raw cacao beans to provide a rich, dark chocolate flavour. This low carb bar is also infused with Lion's Mane, MCTs, omega 3, flavonoids, Vitamin E and choline. You can keep a bar on hand in case you need an extra energy boost or as a healthy snack alternative between meals. These bars also come in other flavours like Almond Butter Chip, Banana Nut and Peanut Butter Chip which is an absolute fave!

Roasted Seaweed Snacks

There’s nothing quite like savoury and salted crispy Nori seaweed! Its the perfect vegan-friendly, gluten-free, nutritious and delicious snack. Gimme Roasted Seaweed Snacks are highly nutritious and offers so many health benefits such as containing iodine which supports thyroid function, is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and contains a variety of protective antioxidants.

Gimme Seaweed Snacks also come in a range of different flavours such as Teriyaki, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Sesame, Avocado Oil, and Wasabi.

Organic Activated Holy Cacao Granola Clusters

We love this healthy snack Cacao Granola Clusters which are comprised of both activated nuts and seeds that are coated in cacao. Nuts and seeds are exceptionally high in fibre with a heap of good fats, nutrients, and vitamins while cacao is rich in minerals. This snack contains activated nuts and seeds which have been long soaked and dehydrated which in turn activates the contents of this mix and is easier on digestion, plus it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and only uses coconut sugar and vanilla powder as a natural sweetener!

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