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The Benefits Of Owning An Excalibur Food Dehydrator 

If you haven’t used one yet then you are in for a treat. Food dehydrators are becoming increasingly popular as consumers become more conscious about health reducing food waste. Owning a food dehydrator will open up a whole new world of nutritious foods and snacks for the entire family whilst giving you peace of mind that the tasty homemade food you are creating will only include the natural ingredients you choose, completely free from preservatives and hidden nasties. Here is a quick rundown of the main benefits of using a food dehydrator.

Helps to avoid food waste

A food dehydrator can help you to use up fruits and vegetables which are due to expire. Dehydrate fruit and veggies before you go away on a holiday to avoid wasting what you don’t have time to eat. Store them correctly and consume them over the next 12 months. 

Dehydrated snacks look impressive but are really easy 

Simply prepare your food by slicing into pieces, pop onto the trays, set a timer and walk away. If you do happen to over dry your food, then you can rehydrate by adding a little water. I may not be great at baking but my homemade jerky and fruit rolls are a big hit and the other mums are always asking how I make my tasty kale chips.

Saves you time

When leading busy lives it's imperative to seek appliances which can save us time. A food dehydrator allows you to create healthy snacks in bulk and will only take you the time to slice the produce and turn on the dehydrator. Many busy parents are finding it great for lunchbox inspiration as the veggie chips and fruit leathers can be made and stored for the entire school term. 

Dehydrated Food offers health benefits 

Using a dehydrator will allow you to retain the original vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes of foods far better than other forms of food preservation. Unlike cooking and steaming, you don’t lose any of the nutritional content of the foods you are dehydrating.

A food dehydrator can save you money

Dehydrated food will last longer so you can save money by buying produce in bulk whilst in season and dehydrate it and store correctly to enable you to eat all year round. It’s also much cheaper to make your own snacks rather than buying processed health foods which can be quite expensive particularly if you need gluten free or organic packaged snacks.

Who is Excalibur?

Excalibur has been a trusted US brand since 1973. All of their products are still manufactured in the USA to this day so Excalibur is well known for its quality products. Their range is both stylish and user friendly and they have different sizes to suit individual needs.

Click here to read our blogs for tips and ideas on using an Excalibur Food Dehydrator. Here is a quick rundown for some options you could use yours for.

  • Make your own jerky
  • Dry your own granola
  • Fruit leather
  • Citrus garnishes for cocktails and cooking
  • Vegetable chips, kale chips, banana chips 
  • Drying flowers 
  • Drying herbs
  • Preserving pears, apples and berries
  • Make your own yoghurt 
  • Celery crackers, banana chia crackers
  • Make your own dog treats
  • Proof your sourdough in it to keep it warm and active 

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