VitaCell Aceso - Horizontal Cold Pressed Juicer

  • Excellent All-round Juicer
  • Great for Celery, Apples, Carrots, Leafy Greens
  • Creates a Nutrient filled juice
  • Quiet Operation
  • Strong Commercial Grade Parts
  • Pressure adjustment Nozzle for pulp control
  • Wide Chute for less preparation
  • Long Warranties
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VitaCell Aceso - Horizontal Cold Pressed Juicer

A Perfect All-round Juicer

We believe that the VitaCell Aceso Horizontal Juicer was designed with every ingredient in mind. Everyone is different, the machine will juice your Celery, Apples, Carrots, Leafy Greens and even your Wheatgrass.

The machine is based on the original Korean made single gear juicers and these machines have sold so well for decades.

With the Aceso you can be rest assured that you will receive natural tasting, nutrient dense juice no matter what ingredients you place into the machine.

A juicer that wont wake the house up

Rotating at just 59rpm the Aceso is whisper quiet. No loud whizzing sounds as the the ingredients go through, just the soft crushing sound as your ingredients meet the extremely tough Auger.

Commercial Grade Parts

You may have read online about breaking part for cold pressed juicers. This was common with many brands and their old designs.

Thankfully manufacturers have learned from history.

Now you can be confident with the VitaCell Aceso, as the parts for this machine are reinforced and will last, as you make your home made cold pressed juices for years to come.

Parts for this machine come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. This means they are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. All warranties are managed in NSW Australia

Are the parts BPA Free?

Any part of this machine that comes into contact with your juice is BPA free. The Hopper is made from Tritan material and the Auger is made using Ultem Food Grade plastic.

So you can juice away without being concerned about contamination.


I wish to juice Celery and Wheatgrass will it handle that?

The VitaCell Aceso is fantastic at pretty much every ingredient. Celery and Leafy Greens can we done without any issue. So if you are following the Medical Medium protocol then this machine is a safe bet for you Celery juice intake.

No matter which juicer you use we still suggest you cut the Celery into smaller pieces. Celery is stringy and in our experience can clog any juicer if you place lots of it without preparation.


Can I have Pulp free Juice?

Not everyone likes Pulp in their juice.

The VitaCell Aceso comes with a pressure adjustment nozzle at the end of the Juicing cap which increases or decreases the amount of pressure on the ingredients as they leave the unit. The settings are based on the firmness of your ingredients, ie more pressure for softer produce.

This will either increase or decrease the amount of pulp that ends up in your juice and you will notice how dry pulp is too.

Can it do anything else?

Yes. By simply switching the Juicing screen for the including Mincing screen your juicer turns into a type of food processor. In simple terms it will grind and mix any ingredients before pushing them all out together.

There are 6 attachment Nozzles included in your box, so you can make things such as baby foods, sorbets, sauces, Pasta, bread sticks, Rice Noodles and lots more.

Whats in the box? 

1 x Juicing screen (Reinforced strength) 1 X Mincing screen, 6 x Mincing Nozzles, 1 x Juice collection bowl (950ml) 1 x Pulp Collection Bowl (950ml) 1 x Ultem Auger, 1 x Adjustable end cap with pulp adjustment nozzle, 1 x Manual.


Free Superfood Juices Book by Julie Morris (Worth $24.95)

Whilst stocks last we are including a hardback version of the Best selling Superfood Juices book by Health Expert Julie Morris. The book includes 100 Nutrient Dense Recipes to get you started.



Is it easy to clean? 

Simply put, yes it is. We suggest cleaning it immediately after you are finished using the juicer. That stops any food from sticking to the parts. It takes around 60 seconds.


What is the warranty period?

The motor is covered by a 20 year warranty whilst the parts are covered by a 10 year warranty. The VitaCell brand is serviced in NSW.



What do we think?

Below is a chart that offers the Love Your Health Juicer review in order to help you with your decision.


5 Great Reasons to buy your Cold Press Juicer from Love Your Health Australia

You get Free Delivery on this Juicer

We deliver Australia Wide whether it be direct to your front door, to an office, PO Box, Parcel Locker or even your local post office.

Australian Customer Service

We are based near Byron Bay and are available either by phone or by Live chat 7 days a week to help you at any time.

Years of experience with Cold pressed Juicers  

Love Your Health's founders have been working globally with Healthy appliance brands such as Excalibur, Omega, Hurom, Vitamix, Oscar and various others for nearly 10 years. If you are wondering which Cold Pressed Juicer is best for you feel free to give us a call and ask us anything on 0280034113

We price match 

If it is cheaper elsewhere within Australia let us know, we will match it. 

Australian Service Centre  

It's not often you need it but rest assured because the team in NSW are quick to solve any issues you may have with your machine.


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