Natural Health Kalsio (Premium Calcium Supplement) 80c

  • The first 100% microcrystalline hydroxyapitate from selected fish species offered in Australia
  • The only type of calcium supplement to have supportive characters such as Fishbone Peptides (FBP) known for their attraction to calcium
  • The only type of calcium supplement presenting co-factors protein-FBP, collagen, phosphorous, magnesium, glycosaminoglycans and amino acids.
  • The only calcium supplement in organic and inorganic form
  • The only calcium that has a natural 2:1 ratio with phosphorus
  • Collagen and FBPs are in the form of protein, that have shown excellent transportation properties
  • The bio-available results demonstrated high calcium transportation results over a four hour period
  • The solubilized calcium results conformed all transported through the gut wall lining.
  • The only type of calcium supplementation existing in natural form. No additives. 100% selected fine fish bone.
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Natural Health Kalsio (Premium Calcium Supplement) 80c

Kalsio is a premium calcium supplement. The importance of calcium is undeniable, yet calcium does not work alone in creating strong healthy bones. The key role of calcium is to provide nourishment for the musculoskeletal system, bone strength and development.

Kalsio presents not only calcium, but also phosphorous, collagen, magnesium, Fish bone Peptides, and when working together a synergistic effect takes place. It is made from selected species of fish bone sourced only from the clean ocean waters of new Zealand. The fish are caught under the sustainable quota management of the new Zealand Government. The fish bone is derived from small fine fish, and offers high amounts of calcium in its natural form. Research has confirmed this fine bone is an excellent nutritional source.

100% Marine Hydroxyapatite
Natural Marine bone
Readily absorbed
High nutritional benefits
Correct 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Phosporous


Each capsule contains:
Calcium (Hydroxyapatite Marine) 650mg
No excipients

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