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Tea drinkers out there may be able to associate with the tradition of sitting down with a friend and having a cup of tea to catch up or share a problem. In times of need mum, dad and my grandparents would immediately 'pop the kettle on'. It signalled them taking the time to ponder and discuss how we could solve the issue at hand. It always seemed to work! Research shows that a high quality cup of tea has more benefits than their ability to solve problems. Herbal teas and blends are being recognised for their multiple benefits. 

Peppermint Tea is known to be effective for motion sickness. It can aid with digestion and help to freshen breath.

Raspberry Leaf tea is popular in pregnancy as it is believed to help prepare the body for labour as well as supporting general health and well-being. It could also be effective in reducing diarrhea.

Stinging Nettle Tea, try Hilde Hemmes blend of selected flowers, berries, peels, seeds, leaves and roots of herbal plants. This tea can help to promotes urinary tract function and has diuretic properties.

Licorice has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal purposes. Drinking licorice tea could help to boost your immune system, promote hair growth and prevent colds and flus along with much much more.

Chamomile Tea is usually associated with promoting calmness and preparing you for a good nights sleep. However, chamomile could also help treat dark circles under your eyes. Tip - don't throw away your chamomile tea bags, keep them chilled and ready to pop over your eyes to help reduce puffiness.

Rooibos Tea, Kintra Foods organic Rooibos Tea is made with a special blend of fermented leaves from a plant in Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. Understood to be a great source of vitamin C and contains minerals like zinc, calcium and iron. Rich in antioxidants and is known to helps boost your immune system.

Dandelion Tea can help provide support for healthy digestive function as dandelion contains choleretic which can increase bile flow. It also has appetite-stimulating properties.

The benefits of organic tea

For soothing an upset stomach, comforting someone or just unwinding after a long day, organic herbal tea is the perfect healthy choice. Natural tea has been used for centuries for its restorative properties, and we happen to think it’s a must-have item in anyone’s pantry.  Whether you’re looking for a natural digestion aid, something to promote calmness or a delicious caffeine-free beverage, Love Your Health has a wide variety of delicious natural teas to give you a health boost. 

Healthy tea starts with quality, organic ingredients you can trust 

Every one of our organic tea products has been carefully chosen for its blend of natural ingredients, so you can buy organic tea online from Love Your Health knowing that it’s only full of the good stuff. For those who have food allergies or intolerances, our gluten-free teas offer a warming escape in every sip. If you prefer your tea loose-leaf or in a convenient bag, our selection of organic tea brands has an option to suit you. 

Buy your favourite natural tea online at Love Your Health

You may have a favourite go-to organic tea that always puts you in the right frame of mind, or maybe you’re exploring the world of healthy teas for the first time. No matter what you’re shopping for, Love Your Health makes it easy to find delicious brews to suit any preference and dietary requirements. From digestive dandelion tea to mood-boosting rooibos and everything in between, find it all right here in our online store. 

Looking for more than just tea? Our gluten-free and natural selection of food and drinks makes it simple to shop for nourishing whole foods and certified safe ingredients you can trust. We created Love Your Health to cater for our daughter’s coeliac disease, and our commitment to sourcing gluten-free ingredients is now a passion we’d love to share with you. 


What teas are good for settling a stomach?

Nature has given us a few ingredients that work wonders for settling a stomach and aiding in digestion. Some of our favourite teas for soothing an upset gut include dandelion tea, which can also boost your appetite, and peppermint tea, which is very effective in promoting healthy digestive function. For a beverage that’s great after meals, try our high-quality green tea infused with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and orange peel.

Can I drink herbal teas while pregnant?

Yes! Tea is a great choice for pregnant women because it contains less caffeine than coffee and can provide a calming and restorative effect when you need it most. One of our most popular teas during pregnancy is raspberry leaf tea, which can help prepare the body for childbirth and counteract prenatal stomach problems. If you have any questions about choosing the right products while you’re expecting, get in touch with our team for healthy recommendations to make your pregnancy that little bit easier.

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