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Those of you fortunate enough to own or have owned pets will understand how precious they are to us and will agree that it important to consider the products we use on them and the food we offer to ensure we are making a positive contribution to their overall health and wellbeing. At Love Your Health Australia we have chosen to stock a few brands who are offering unique and innovative pet products. Lets take a look at the brands currently on offer for all pet lovers out there.

HempPet believe in offer high quality natural products which work without the use of chemicals or GM ingredients. Their supplements, medicines and feed are made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients sourced from Australian Organic farms and New Zealand’s clearest waters. Hemp Nectar is their signature ingredient chosen because its  hypo allergenic and rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6. 

Rascals Treats pride themselves on being a dog treat company with a difference by focussing on nutritious wholefoods for your beloved pooches. They also believe in reducing their carbon footprint and so you may be pleased to know that their packaging is fully compostable. Click here to peruse their plant based, vegan dog treats and choose from amazing flavours such as Bark-B-Q Bites which combine carrot and capsicum or Treats on the Beet!

Aside from feed we also stock quality options for washing and caring for your pets skin and fur. Pet Dr's Hot Spot offers a natural and effective solution for skin infections also known as acute moist dermatitis. Ethique offer solid shampoo and conditioner bars, try their Bow Wow Bars for a zero waste bath time option. Their bars are specially formulated to balance your dogs pH and leave fur soft & shiny.

Natural Animal Solutions Calm is your best friend in calming your pet throughout a frightening lightning storm or fireworks display. Its free from chemicals and alcohol, gentle and easy to use. Perfect to use for cats and dogs!

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