Ultimate Comfort Mac & Cheese


A comfort food classic with a brie-lliant plant-based spin, this mac and cheese recipe is here to cheese even the toughest of critics. Featuring a creamy not-so-cheesy sauce filled with carrot, potato and nutritional yeast goodness…This is a dish that is simply too good to resist!



Pasta sauce:

Preparation method

  1. Place potatoes and carrots in a medium saucepan with water over medium heat and bring to a boil. Allow to boil for approx. 10 minutes, or until both the carrots and potatoes have softened and cooked
  2. Boil water in another large pot and add the pasta, cooking according to pasta packet
  3. In the meantime, strain and add vegetables to a high speed blender with onion, soaked and drained cashews, plant based mylk, water, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt, paprika and pepper
  4. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.
  5. Once the pasta has cooked through, strain and add it back to the pot. Lightly oil cooked pasta with olive oil. Pour over warm cheesy sauce, and stir through. Top with pine nuts and parsley and enjoy.


  • You can also stir through dairy-free cheese for extra cheesiness
  • You can also add vegetables for extra nutritional content such as peas, spinach or mushrooms which can be stirred through pasta or added on the side for serving
  • You can also use the sauce for a salad dressing, as a dip, or on top of potatoes or rice