Which is better? Natural skincare or chemical-based skincare? When it comes to skincare products, many people are in a dilemma on what is right for their skin and what isn’t. Chemical based products makes wonderful promises, but does it really make sense to cover your skin in chemicals that you have never even heard of? Often they are deemed to be safe for your skin, the truth however is that they are not. The percentage of good ingredients can often add up to an eighth of the entire product. On the other hand with natural products you can trust that what you are placing on your skin is made by mother nature and the end result is an improved healthy looking glow.

What is natural skincare?

Natural skincare is literally taking care of your skin with natural and organic products. That can either be essential oils, herbs, and other components from plants. Its even possible to make natural skin care products in the comfort of your home with available ingredients. This includes skincare such as moisturisers, makeup products, facial masks, scrubs, to name a few.

Natural skincare health benefits

Natural skincare products enhance the functionality of your skin. By using natural skincare you are protecting your bodies largest organ by not blocking your pores helping the excretion of toxins via sweating. Natural ingredients contained in this skincare products do not block your pores nor accumulate under the skin. On top of that, improved skin health boosts your immunity in that it is able to play its role more effectively and protect your body.

Other benefits of using natural skincare products are that they are eco-friendly, not tested on animals and often do not have a fragrance so wont irritate your skin. This is often not the case with most chemical-based skin care products that on top of irritation can cause other ill effects such as fatigue.

Here are some of our favourite natural skincare products which are available in store.


TruSelf Organics Herbal Infused Moisturiser 53ml
The infused moisturiser is an oil-free lavender moisturiser. It is packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients that are favourable to the skin. It has been manufactured with oily-free products such as aloe vera juice, green tea, lavender plus dandelions, and geranium. This makes it ideal for those with oily skin because it does not dump excess oils on your skin. In application, it only provides a weightless hydration that does not leave an oily residue and naturally moisturises the skin. It also consists of aloe, which helps in soothing the skin. The moisturiser works by toning the skin and clearing any blemishes on the skin. The product basically does not include any bad products including petroleum, artificial and synthetic substances as well as parabens.


Hemp Hemp Hooray Daily Moisturiser – 100g
Hemp hemp hooray daily moisturiser is yet another natural skincare product we are in love with. It is a nourishing and hydrating cream which you can apply on a daily basis to enjoy its benefits. It is made from Australian grown organic hemp seed oil with rose floral water and essential minerals and vitamins to the health of the skin. The hemp seed oil is packed with beneficial fatty acids which nourish the skin and improves circulation. In addition to that, it helps soothe the skin of conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and scars. The rose floral water carries an exceptional amount of anti-inflammatory properties, which are also ideal in soothing the skin. The minerals and nutrients help with healing the skin conditions and rejuvenates the skin as well.


La Mav Commiphora Daily Ultra Plumping Serum – 30ml
La Mav Commiphora daily ultra-plumping serum is a bio-active serum that helps with wrinkles and lines on your skin. The Commiphora extract content in the serum is potent to changing the texture of the skin making it look plumper and rosy. The serum also contains chlorella vulgarismarine which contains anti-aging properties that help keep your skin healthier and looking younger. The two components work together to soother wrinkles and loose skin. In addition to that, it also helps make your skin look youthful and healthier.