In the run up to this years Mothers day, the team at BBTC and I found ourselves discussing the very relevant subject of:

Why Mums need tea?

We came up with some pretty interesting and humorous responses amongst us in the office with all of us being Mums of various kinds.

Here it goes-:

Sarita, Mum of Sam, 18 months old – My day wouldn’t be the same without a cup of English Breakfast to kick me off. This is a way for me wake up and to gather my thoughts for the day. I try to sneak it in before Sam wakes.

Kim, Mum of Comet, Blue Heeler, 5 years old – Why do Mums need tea, there’s so many reasons- they couldn’t possibly go without! It gives Mums a moment to relax and unwind at the end of a day. I am a creature of habit and at the end of my work day, I pop the kettle on so I can enjoy a cup of tea while I snuggle with Comet or throw him the stick.

Roe, Mum of Kai, 12 years old – To take a pause; to relax and to remember the simple joy of taking time out to enjoy a sip or two.

Being a Mum has many demands that vary depending on the age and stage of life the Mum and child are. For me, with an 18 month old, I feel that I have nearly mastered the art of multi-tasking and I’m working hard on my time management. Finding me time is now a lot more difficult so sipping on a tea always helps. The sleepless nights and unrelenting demands can admittedly, sometimes get on top of me. And, maybe I drink that extra cup of English Breakfast or Energy now to prop me up during the days.

So, after consulting friends and family on this question, here is what I came up with on “WHY MUMS NEED TEA”-:


1.  To help prepare and gather thoughts for the day ahead- ideally before the whole house wakes!
2.  To keep hydrated throughout the day (herbal teas are one of the best ways!).
3.  Energy tea– to improve energy after a sleepless night attending to children.
4.  Calming & White tea- For stress relief as we all know that being the master multi-tasker Mums can get a bit wound-up from time to time.
5.  To reduce caffeine intake- trading in that second coffee in the afternoon for an English Breakfast or Energy tea is now a lot more common for Mums. Too much caffeine can just tip us over the edge as we know.
6.  To reduce alcohol intake- Calming tea helps to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Its the aaaahhhhh that we need to get us through the whole palaver of feeding, bathing and bedtime at the end of the day and Calming tea is a great alternative to reaching for a glass of wine.
7.  L-theanine benefits- the tea leaf contains l-theanine an amino acid that has the action to induce a sense of calm whilst at the same time improving mental alertness and concentration- a great combo for Mums throughout the day.
8.  For general Health & Wellbeing- the benefits of green and white tea are so wide ranging with its main benefit being drawn from its high flavonoid content. This is an important antioxidant to help mop up free radicals and support general health.
9.  For Cleansing & Detox- Dandylicious, Detox & Green tea are some great options for supporting the liver and helping the body eliminate toxins- important for any Mum who is busy and wants an easy way to support their general health.
10. For some Me-time - Taking the time to have a cup of tea gives Mums a moment for themselves- a great way to incorporate a mindfulness practice into the busy day as a Mum.
11. Tea makes the perfect gift for Mums- whether they are a traditional tea drinker and enjoy English Breakfast or Chai; or a more adventurous tea drinker and like the specialty oriental teas like Green tea, Buddha’s tears or White tea or herbals such as Detox, Energy and Calming. Or if you can’t choose, check out our gift collections- my favourite being Byron BLISS containing my top teas for stress busting, perfect for any Mum. Oh and we can’t forget our NURSING tea for new Mums having difficulty with breastfeeding. This is the perfect way to support a new Mum through what can be a difficult transition. Remember that most of our teas now come in biodegradable pyramid teabags as well as loose leaf. Check out our online store for all the options.

Sarita Merlo
Naturopath, Herbalist & Founder of Byron Bay Tea Co.