This week we asked Love Your Health featured expert Lynda Griparic creator of the wonderful BetterMe Tea to try and review our few of our TruSelf Organics Skincare products, below are her thoughts on 3 of our best sellers.


TruSelf Detoxifying mask

I like to use a mask once a fortnight to help remove any impurities and congestion. Many masks out there tend to be packed full of harmful chemicals and extremely drying. Which often leads to a face that’s itchy and irritated. The TruSelf detoxifying mask is strong and effective without excessively drying or irritating the skin. Only a small amount is needed for fantastic results.


TruSelf Organics Raw Body Butter
I love a moisturiser that goes a long way, especially one that’s all natural with minimal ingredients. The best way to use the Truself raw body butter is to warm a little bit in the fingertips and palms of your hands and spread all over the feet, legs, abdomen and arms. A little bit goes a long way and the body feels smooth and hydrated afterward. I also find that using a small amount on my hands keeps them soft and supple even in the cooler weather when they tend to dry out or post dish washing 🙂

The packaging is slim line, recyclable and does not take up too much space in my travel toiletries bag…Bonus


TruSelf Organics Uplifting Citrus Body Bar
A fresh citrus smelling soap that gently cleanses the skin. Non drying and does not strip out your natural oils. A winning formula.

Remember TruSelf Organics is currently exclusive in Australia to Love Your Health nobody can get your TruSelf products to your door quicker.