The Health Benefits of Using Himalayan Salt Lamps in Your Home

Himalayan salt lamps not only create a warm, soft and welcoming ambience in your home, but they also have many other benefits too.
Below are some of the benefits that having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home can provide.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps are made from rock salt from the Himalayan mountains that are carved and hollowed. Within the hollowed-out centre of this block of salt a light bulb can fit that emits both light and heat. When the light is switched on, the salt lamps ranges from a light pink to a pinkish orange salt crystal.


Improves Indoor Air Quality

Salt lamps create healthy negative ions. They do this by drawing water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp (a process known as hygroscopy) and as the lamp is warmed by the globe, a gentle chemical reaction takes place. Healthy negative ions are then released into the air, counteracting the positive ions from electrical equipment around the home and office. The air is purified, which means airborne bacteria, mould and mycotoxins, viruses and allergens as well as respiratory irritants and asthma triggers cannot survive in the negatively charged environment.

Other ways you can improve the indoor air quality in your home is by bringing some plants into your home, invest in an air purifier, create positive circulation and ventilation in your home, keep your home clean by regularly vacuuming and cleaning the air filters and air vents in your home.


Helps Relieve Asthma And Allergy Symptoms

Numerous studies have been shown that salt has the ability to provide relief to people suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma. According to research, spending one hour in salt room can help ease most of the symptoms for people suffering from respiratory ailments. Salt rooms have also been shown to have beneficial effects in mild asthmatic children.

In 2020 I was unfortunately diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in my lungs, otherwise known as lung clots. This caused some damage to my lungs and airways, decreasing my oxygen levels and causing me to have asthmatic symptoms. As part of my healing regimen, a close friend suggested that I take a visit to a local salt room and also to purchase a Himalayan salt inhaler to start using regularly as 'salt therapy'. I noticed the benefits immediately in how the salt naturally opened my airways, thus improving my breathing.

Salt lamps have similar effects to that of a Himalayan salt inhaler or salt inhaler. Because Himalayan salt lamps are so excellent at improving air quality and removing microscopic particles of dust, mould, mildew and other irritants and allergens, they may reduce dryness and inflammation of the airways and sinuses with those that suffer from respiratory conditions.



Improves Sleep

The soft light that salt lamps emanate are soothing and may help in helping someone to fall asleep.

Of an evening, I like to dim the lights and use my salt lamp to create a calming and restful environment to prepare for bedtime. I prefer to stay away from lights that emit too much blue light as I know how much it can affect our health and sleep. Too much blue light at night from computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones and other digital devices stimulates cortisol in the body which can keep you awake at night, which is not what we want.

They are also a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom as a night light, creating a peaceful and soothing bedroom environment that may help a child in falling asleep.

Increases Energy & Boosts Mood

Spending time at the beach in the sunshine with the waves crashing by the shoreline or in nature surrounded by trees, plants, mountains or at the foot of a waterfall can help to rejuvenate the body and mind, increase our mood and boost feelings of joy and positivity. This is because of the negative ions that we are exposed to. Negative ions are tiny molecules floating in the air or atmosphere that have been charged with electricity. Positive ions on the other hand are small molecules that have gained a positive charge and can create an imbalance in both the environment and our bodies. Some examples of positive ions are mould, toxic chemicals, pollution, fluorescent lights, cell phones, televisions, and computers.

Once negative ions are inhaled and reach our bloodstream, they are believed to help increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin (happy hormone), relieving stress and boosting energy because of the production in biochemical reactions.

The best way to increase our exposure to negative ions is by spending time outdoors and in environments that have high concentrations of negative ions such as springs, waterfalls, forests, mountains, beaches, or simply going outside after a storm or heavy rainfall.

Salt lamps may also help in re-energizing the body and mind due to the release of negative ions (versus positive ions) in the air, as well as the soothing pink glow from the salt lamp that will help alleviate negative feelings and lift your mood. 

Neutralises Electromagnetic Radiation

It is important to neutralise electromagnetic radiation, especially as we add more technology in our lives. Electromagnetic radiation can come from your smartphone, laptop, TV and other electronic devices. Having a Himalayan salt lamp in the room nearby where you work on your laptop or watch TV will help to counteract the harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from electronic devices.

Plus.... They Create A More Relaxed Space

Himalayan salt lamps have become a popular piece of decoration for a home, office, or wellness space such as a Yoga studio as they give a soft, glowing light that is great for creating a beautiful and warm ambience.

I love creating a space where I can unwind, relax and meditate to help de-stress and a Himalayan salt lamp definitely adds to that as the nice warm light brings in an element of beauty and relaxation creating a balanced, serene and mindful space.


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