The Best Health Benefits of Collagen Powder


What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, making up 90% connective tissue, 90% organic bone mass and 70% skin.

Collagen can be made into two different consumable or supplemental forms: the gelatin form and hydrolyzed form, also called collagen hydrolysate or collagen peptides.⁣
⁣Collagen peptides are hydrolyzed so that they are degraded into very short and absorbable chains of amino acids—90% of amino acids within collagen are absorbed within 6 hours.⁣

What is collagen powder good for?

Studies suggest collagen peptides may improve skin elasticity and hydration, and result in positive changes in the skin architecture, dermal collagen density, wound healing, and skin aging.
Because it resembles the composition of the protein in our own hair, skin, nails, bones, cartilage, & joints, collagen is also potentially capable of promoting healing in these arenas.⁣

Collagen contains L-glutamine, which can improve muscle recovery and reduce soreness after exercise and also is the preferential fuel source for enterocytes (intestinal cells), such that collagen consumption may improve gut health.⁣

The Best Health Benefits of Collagen Powder

Below are some of the best health benefits of collagen powder.


Regular consumption of collagen powder may reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, & hide cellulite & stretch marks while supporting stronger hair, nails & teeth⁣⁣⁣.

The body is capable of making at least 28 different types of collagen, but the two types that are key to skin health and beauty are collagen type I and type III.


Supports Hair and Nail Health

Ok, let’s face it. We all want stronger and healthier hair, skin and nails. Most of us are mindful of not only what we put into our bodies but also what we put on our bodies, when it comes to looking healthier. When we are younger, we have an abundance of collagen but as we get older and age, the collagen in our bodies diminishes. As there is already collagen in our bodies, collagen supplements are only replacing what has always been there, which only makes it beneficial as we get older.
The amino acids in collagen is what gives our hair and nails strength and keeps our skin subtle and firm. Collagen can also strengthen the skin on our scalps and protects the hair follicles, especially keeping new hair strong and healthy.


Supports Musculoskeletal Health

Collagen peptides contain 18 amino acids (8 essential) & may help to maintain lean body mass & aid in muscle repair⁣⁣⁣.
Collagen plays a vital role in a healthy musculoskeletal system, as it is one of the main proteins found in the body. As we age, the body’s natural ability to replenish lost collagen decreases, leading to thinning cartilages and joint wear.
Keeping active for as long as possible is important for our health and personal wellbeing and it’s important to support the entire musculoskeletal system to keep the body active. A balanced diet, moderate exercise and supplementation with active ingredients that offer valuable additional advantages is important.


Improves Gut Health

Collagen powder may help reduce gut inflammation, repair the intestinal lining, & rectify leaky gut⁣⁣⁣.

Collagen synthesis has been identified as an important component in intestinal lining repair, especially crucial during regeneration of smooth muscles in the stomach lining & intestinal wall.

Collagen contains L-glutamine, the preferential fuel source for cells in the intestinal lining, required for the growth and differentiation of the cells lining the gut. The intestinal mucosa, in fact, demands almost a third of the body's total glutamine reservoir.
L-glutamine can help restore the architecture of tight junctions, the selective gates in the gastrointestinal tract that become excessively permeable in leaky gut syndrome. Collagen may also help reduce gut inflammation & aid in digestion.

Promotes Youthful Radiant Skin

Skin appearance reflects health and general well-being. Our skin is subjected to constant pressure from external and environmental factors (sun,
wind, etc.), but also from stress, which can exacerbate the aging process. At the age of 30, the human skin begins to change with alterations to the dermal connective tissue.

Collagen levels are particularly important for the strength and resilience of the skin, and alterations in collagen levels structure and numbers are thought to be responsible for wrinkle formation, loss of skin smoothness and hydration. This is why healthy collagen levels are essential for skin elasticity, skin smoothness and skin hydration.



How to take collagen powder

Collagen powder can easily be incorporated into foods or drinks. Collagen powder also doesn’t gel or thicken so you can mix it into smoothies, juices, water, coffee, soups or baked goods without affecting the texture.


Collagen-Rich Foods and Herbs:

  • Bone broth
  • Berries
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Garlic
  • Egg whites
  • Citrus fruits
  • Nettle leaf
  • Horsetail
  • He Shou Wu
  • Red Capsicum
  • Tomatoes

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Some of our favourite collagen products come from a company called Intelligent Nutrition which is a Melbourne family owned company that believe nutrition is important to health and vitality. Their products are made with real food, sourced in Australia and Australian made. Their Collagen Beauty Collagen Peptides are designed to be easily absorbed to help promote better skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness and a reduction in fine lines even in aging skin.

IQ.N Healthy Glow Collagen Beauty Powder with Native Australian Superfoods
This collagen powder is lightly flavoured with Australian Superfoods; Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime, the same Superfoods that give a Vitamin C Boost and Grass Fed Collagen Peptides for a healthy glow. Bovine collagen peptides contain Collagen Type I and III.

IQ.N Collagen Beauty Bars
IQ.N’s Collagen Beauty Bars Fig & Lemon are a tasty snack with collagen protein and real wholefood ingredients for beautiful, glowing skin. Contains 5g collagen per bar and is also rich in vitamins to offer a nutritional boost along with a collagen boost. Designed to support healthy skin, hair, and nails.

IQ.N Marine Collagen Beauty Powder
IQ.N’s Marine Collagen Beauty Powder is Marine Hydrolysed Collagen with bioactive collagen peptides. Lightly flavoured with Australian Superfoods; Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime, to provide a boost of Vitamin C and antioxidants. A beautifully refreshing drink which contains Collagen Type I which is known to be key to skin health and beauty.

We also love these products:

Nature's Goodness Australia Cartigel Collagen Peptides
is a great natural source of collagen peptides.

Googys Good Fat Keto Mixed Berry Collagen Bars
A collagen bar that contains collagen protein, a complete protein from egg whites, monk fruit, and MCT oil.
Comes in other alternative flavours such as salted caramel and chocolate.