With such a huge variety of natural health supplements most people can struggle to find ones which are going to bring the specific benefits they look for. Most can however give a very wide and varied set of benefits and affect the body positively in a multitude of ways.

The main benefit of hemp seed comes from the presence of several proteins which help the body in a hugely positive way to increase its productivity and its functionality. Different products are designed to use the various benefits of hemp seeds in different ways in order to get the best out of the incredible natural ingredient. 

Benefits of hemp seed

One of the most widely used aspects of hemp seed is its ability to help those suffering from joint pain due to conditions such as arthritis by easing their pain. It can even help destroy some of the cells which cause the problem of arthritis in some cases which is something that would bring huge relief to millions of people.

Many people struggle with their appetite and therefore have a hard time keeping off or losing weight. When eaten, hemp seeds are natural suppressor for the appetite and can therefore be used to stop people from feeling hungry so often and therefore help them to lose weight.

Hemp seeds are also high in insoluble and soluble fibres which makes their consumption incredibly beneficial for the digestive system. They can relieve constipation if that is a problem for you, or simply increase the overall efficiency of the system and promote a healthier internal functionality.

When cold pressed into an oil, hemp seed is often used in products that target hair, skin and nails in order to increase their growth and overall quality. The hemp within the product helps it penetrate through outer layers and get to work deep under the surface of the applied area, making the product extremely effective. 

Hemp Foods – Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds
Consuming natural products as raw as they come in the wild is a huge positive for some people as they feel like it’s going to give them the most possible benefits if consumed unaltered. These hemp seeds are a great and simple way to consume the hemp so it’s as easy as possible to gain the benefits from eating the food.

They have a mild flavour which can complement a variety of other tastes in raw or cooked dishes. It can be used in bread, pancakes, desserts or salads and a range of other foods to really give the dishes a far higher level of nutrition.

Each spoonful of the hemp seed provides incredible levels of natural vitamins, minerals and other materials which brings huge levels of health benefits. A single spoonful contains 2000mg of omega 3 and 6400mg of ‘complete’ protein. These increase the brain function of those who eat it as well as helping with cell and muscle repair brining in all the natural benefits that comes with consuming raw, organic hemp seed.

Organic Hemp Foods – Hemp Seed Oil
Aside from simply eating the hemp seeds you can also consume a synthesised oil made from the hemp plant which takes almost all of the positives from the plant and transfers them into an oil. The hemp seed oil is mostly ‘polyunsaturated fatty acids’ which is the good kind of fat which brings a high level of positive side effects. There are many benefits that can be gained from using hemp seed oil due to the combination of minerals and vitamins contained in hemp seeds.

  • Lowers cholesterol – The fatty acids in the hemp seed oil help to dissolve cholesterol which has built up in your arteries.
  • Deals with diabetes – Helps to moderate the levels of sugar in the blood.
  • Helps the skin – The high levels of omega 3 and omega 6 help to maintain the moisture in the skin and rejuvenate it.

Dr Bronner Organic Almond Castile Liquid Soap
This soap contains hemp oil to take advantage of its properties which make it a great natural cleanser for the skin. The natural strengthening properties of the hemp extract strengthens and cleanses the skin.
The fatty acids of the hemp assist the soap to get into the skin’s pores and to clean out dirt from deep within the skin to give the best possible clean for your use as hand wash or when in the shower.