Can I Use My Far-Infrared Sauna in the Summer?


All sauna users out there will understand the urge to hop into the sauna to warm up when it's cold outside. It just makes the deep, calm warmth even more pleasurable. Perhaps you have enjoyed using your sauna all winter and believe that once summer arrives, it will too hot to use for a while.

The good news is you can definitely still enjoy all of the benefits gained from using your far infrared sauna all year round, just as the Romans attended hot baths/rooms throughout the seasons for medicinal reasons.

Could Help you to Acclimatise to Warmer Weather

Many people still appreciate the dry heat experienced when using a far-infrared sauna in the summer. It's believed that continuing sauna use as it warms may actually help your body to acclimatize to the heat of summer. That's why athletes will use or train in saunas before competing in a warmer climate that they are used to.

Summer is the Perfect Time to Enjoy Cold Plunge Afterwards

In Finland many summer houses include a sauna as a great way to relax before jumping into the lake or pool afterwards to cool off. If you don't have access to a plunge pool, you can hop under a cold shower as the effect will be the same. Not only will a cold shower cool you down, it will be the same. Not only will a cold shower cool you down it will also close your pores which remain open during your hot session to release sweat and toxins. It's also believed the intense cold after a sauna session will speed up your metabolism to warm you up leading you to burn more calories.

Remember to Stay Hydrated.

It’s worth noting that you are more likely to become dehydrated in Summer as the heat leads us to sweat more. Therefore it's vital to ensure you drink plenty of water during and after your sauna session. You could also drink some coconut water to replace lost electrolytes.

Take time to Sit and Relax Afterwards

In the warmer months it's probably worth ensuring you have 10 - 15 minutes after your sauna session to relax and check in with yourself. That way you can ensure you remain hydrated and there's no harm in extending your ‘you time’.

There is No Need to Stop Enjoying the Benefits

The physical and mental health benefits of using a sauna can be enjoyed all year round. There is no need to put a stop to your self care routine because Summer is here. Whether you are working towards your desired bikini body or keen to stretch and remain supple throughout the sports season you can appreciate the experience regardless of the time of the year.

Please note that Love Your Health Australia would like to remind you that our advice should not be taken as direct medical advice.

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